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What Homeschoolers Can Do Just Because We're Homeschoolers

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Every once in awhile, one of my kids has mentioned something that public school kids get to do that they think they are missing out on. Okay, I'll sympathize on a couple of those things. Team sports, school band or choir, some of the social events. Some of those types of things are not as easily available for homeschoolers, whatever the prevailing opinion on whether that's good, bad, or indifferent. But before we get too downhearted about what "they" can do that we can't (or think we can't), let's see what things we CAN do because we're homeschoolers.

We can go on impromptu field trips, without hassling over permission slips or anything else. Like this one, when Kennady wanted to see alpacas and llamas up close. Also, the family that invited us to meet them when they were feeding the animals is able to do that job because they are homeschoolers and have the time available.
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
We also have the time available to do some extra things in the community once in awhile, like singing Christmas Carols with some of the other choir members at the December Business Breakfast in town.
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
Homeschool kids can do their chores and help out around the house. (Do you like how I made that sound like a privilege? It can be! Especially since they can do their chores during the daytime, rather than have to drag through sometime after dinner and homework.)
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Homeschool kids can also take part-time jobs with hours during the school day or late hours on school nights. My kids do scorekeeping for their dad's hockey league, which has given them an introduction to employment and a little bit of income, but it also keeps them out pretty late every Sunday evening. No problem! The teacher is perfectly okay with starting school a little later on Monday morning to accomodate that! (And yes, I think homeschool kids can generally get away with staying in bed a little later anyway.)
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @

What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
Not only can we sleep later if we want to (or take naps during the day if necessary - oh wait, that's me more than the kids...), but we can stay in our pajamas if that's what's comfortable! Or dress up in weird costumes. Not that my kids would ever do that :cough: Kennady :cough:
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
she's in her pajamas and a cowboy hat. This was on a good day.
Homeschooled kids can stay in their pajamas and play board games and it could be a legit part of their schooling.
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
Homeschooled kids can do their assigned reading wherever they like - in the car, in bed, or lounging around on the sofa...
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
Sick days aren't that big a deal for homeschoolers. We don't have to take a sick day based on how contagious we are, just on how we feel. And if all we need is to sleep for an extra hour and then do school wrapped up in a cozy blanket, that's fine. 

I like that I don't need to clear it with the school when we decide to take family vacation. And I love that we can go on family vacations when it suits us, which I admit is often purposely planned for when most kids ARE in school. Theme parks, beaches, zoos, pools, tourist spots, and even museums and libraries tend to be way less crowded on weekdays during the traditional school year. So that's when we'll go, if possible. What luck for the kids when a fun experience on vacation winds up being counted as a field trip!
What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @

What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @

What Homeschooler Can Do Just Because @
And whether or not the kids realize it now, being able to study together with family members (in our pajamas) in a relaxed and safe environment is a very valuable experience. And this should maybe go without saying, but homeschoolers don't need to try to separate the Bible or their faith from their education; and they can teach from a Biblical worldview.
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Homeschoolers can do a lot of things that they just wouldn't be able to do in public school, or at least they wouldn't be able to do it as easily. It's because of some of these things that homeschoolers - in general - are better able to do things like interact comfortably with people different from themselves; can relate well to people older or younger than themselves; can think critically and independently; and can contribute positively in work, school, and community settings. 

What good things have you been able to do that you couldn't have done at public school? Leave a comment and let me know! You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - What Homeschoolers Can Do and share your own pictures.

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Anonymous said...

We are fortunate. There are homeschool choirs, bands and team sports in our area. We don't participate in them. But they are available. However, you hit on my favorite reason to homeschool - FREEDOM! Freedom to do what we want, when we want : ) Pajama days are the best. Thanks for sharing.

Kingdom Life & Blessings

Lori said...

My oh my what an encouraging post! I love the list of wonderful privileges you share and the bright, cheerful take on some of the things that we often forget. I loved reading this. Thank you! - Lori

Cassandra Holdeman said...

I love this post. So much of it is the reason I love homeschooling!

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