Monday, April 28, 2014

A Philadelphia Photojournal

A couple weeks ago, I tagged along on Kennady's choir trip to Philadelphia. I say 'tagged along' but I certainly paid my way! I just wasn't an official chaperon, because this was our first year with the choir and I am still a newbie as a chorus parent. Our group piled on our chartered bus on Thursday afternoon, and arrived in Philadelphia around seven in the evening. Most of the group were attending a performance of Phantom of the Opera, but a few of us (Kennady and myself included) skipped that and spent the evening at the hotel. So our activities began in earnest on the Friday. After breakfast and some chorus rehearsal time at the hotel, our bus dropped us off in downtown Philadelphia, where we broke into chaperon groups at got some lunch and then met for a guided Constitution walking tour.

Independence Hall


Carpenters Hall
Franklin Court

B. Free Franklin Post Office
Betsy Ross House

Arch Street Friends Meeting House
After the walking tour, each of the chaperon groups had free time to explore the area. Our group's first stop was to see the Liberty Bell. I'm not sure why the girls were measuring their height on this wall, but clearly Kennady is the shortest by any measure!

Oh look! I was there too.

Then we headed over to Chinatown, just because we could.

And because one of the girls recommended that we try Bubble Tea. It was very good, and refreshing, but not everyone appreciated the "bubbles" which are dark-colored tapioca.

We stopped in at a couple of shops - this one because it was so "sparkly".

We met up with everyone else to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

On Saturday morning, the choir performed at the World Strides Heritage Festival. Here, they are having some final rehearsal before taking the stage.

I honestly can't explain all the scoring criteria or the real significance of the awards, but they walked away with some very nice hardware, and an invitation to a special performance at Carnegie Hall next year, courtesy of their top marks.

We spent Saturday afternoon at the Philadelphia Zoo.

cheesesteak for lunch!



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