Sunday, April 6, 2014

Scripture and a Snapshot: April 6, 2014

And this is what God has testified: He has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have God's Son does not have life. I have written this to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, so that you may know you have eternal life. And we are confident that he hears us whenever we ask for anything that pleases him. And since we know he hears us when we make our requests, we also know that he will give us what we ask for. 

And we know that the Son of God has come, and he has given us understanding, so that we can know the true God.  And now we live in fellowship with the true God because we live in fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ. He is the only true God, and he is eternal life.
~I John 5:11-15, 20~  

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Nina said...

Amen ... In Him we har the forgiveness, the life and the fellowship with God, and with one another. Such a beautiful photo to this wonderful Scripture!

Cathy said...

Thank you for the great Snapshot and encouragement from God's Word. Your Blog is great. Look forward to getting to know you better. Many Blessings!

BARBIE said...

AMEN! Thank you for sharing this beautiful truth at The Weekend Brew!

Unknown said...

Lovely and AMEN!

I love your accompanying snap shot too... a glimpse of spring, new beginnings!

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