Friday, June 27, 2014

I is for... Ink

I have to admit I had plans to write something profound and amazing for Independence Day or maybe Individual Attention, but I've already done the Independence Day type posts, and it turned out I was rather busy giving Individual Attention to my daughter this week. The brothers are all away at Creation this week, so Kennady and I have been enjoying Kamp Kennadyanne, Season Two. So... what could I post for the letter I that wouldn't take too much time? The Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge came to my rescue, because the challenge this week is to take a picture related to the subject: Pens and Pencils.
Do you have a method to keep these all sorted and under control or just pile them haphazardly somewhere? Are you a hoarder or can’t ever find one?
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I've got nothing against pencils, but we almost always use ink, and a lot of it! But keeping it organized and where we can find things? Yeah, not so much. I have this caddy on my phone table, and the pens and pencils and markers that we often use for school are kept there. Or they are supposed to be. They are not always put back, and sometimes they are put back when they shouldn't be! (like when a pencil needs sharpening or when a pen doesn't work any more. Frustrating.)
At least once every school year, I get impatient with trying to find a (working) pen or pencil anywhere handy, so I buy another supply. These were cheap, but turned out to be very nice!
Personally, I love colored ink! I bought myself this set of bright-colored pens but I have a feeling that when my daughter realizes that the ink is colored, she will hijack at least a couple of them. 

And then there is this. I love this mug that I repurposed as a pen-holder at my desk, but I'd wager that only about three of the pens in there actually have ink in them. I guess I should purge it again. Not sure why I leave a pen or maker in the pen-holder when I know it doesn't work. Lazy, I guess!

Also. Printer ink. I am always running out of that, and at the most inopportune times too. I have an HP printer and they recently started selling XL ink cartridges that are supposed to print up to three times as much. But are they worth it? How can I tell how much more printing I'm really getting out of those cartridges? I'm not really interested in keeping a tally of how many pages I print! I should probably put ink cartridges on my shopping list, because I know I don't have a spare one right now. (I have just pretty much guaranteed that I will run out of ink sometime this weekend, haven't I?)

Do you have a good system, or are you like me - tons of pens but never one handy when you need it? Leave a comment and let me know! You can see other weekly photos shared at The Canadian Homeschooler Weekly Photo Challenge - Pencils and Pens and share your own pictures.

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