Wednesday, July 2, 2014

J is for... July {First Day}

first day

Once again it's worked out so that I can combine my Blogging Through the Alphabet post (link-up hosted at Ben and Me) with the First Day link-up at Journey to Josie. July is a time to celebrate - especially during the first week, when our family celebrates Canada Day, Independence Day, and Kennady's birthday.

July 1st is Canada Day, commemorating the day in 1867 when Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada were united into a single country with the Constitution Act. In the years to come, Canada would gain more autonomy, until 1982 when it became fully independent from Great Britain. That year the holiday which had been known as Dominion Day received a name change to Canada Day.

As Canadians living in the USA, we try to do something special to make Canada Day, but of course it's not a holiday here, so unless we happen to be vacationing up north, we don't get to take advantage of a day off or a huge fireworks show. This year, I just made sure we had a few Canadian treats on the menu, and that's about it!

Naturally, I started my day with coffee. Tim Horton's coffee!

I didn't have time for breakfast at home, so when I drove Spencer to work, I grabbed an egg and cheese ciabatta sandwich at Panera.

Landon and Kennady had come along for the ride, because we had to take some recycling to the depot. I have to admit it was rather exhilarating to toss our scrap metal into the giant pile!
photo credit: Kennady
Then we did a little shopping. We find this message left for someone at Target.

Kennady made sure that the Tide had turned before we left.

Stopped at Wegman's for groceries. I declined on a new can of Tim Horton's coffee - just too expensive here.

And I told the kids "no" when they asked for Coffee Crisps, because I knew I still had a stockpile at home. (and yes, I shared them after dinner!)

Landon likes to take pictures of amusing stick figure warnings.

A birthday present I gave Kennady a couple days early:

Dinner was burgers with Canadian bacon, and poutine. This picture looks more like Chinese food, but trust me - it is poutine. And it was delicious!

Dessert was Coffee Crisp and/or Nanaimo Bars. (Don't know what Nanaimo Bars are? A delectable Canadian dessert. I've shared the recipe before, but it will be posted again this week as part of our Eating the Americas project.)

In the evening, I had to go out and thought the cloudy sky looked fascinating.

And I even tried taking a picture of my reflection in the van window (the distortion was not very flattering. Ugh.) in hopes of my Team Canada t-shirt showing up well enough.

And just a mile or two down the road, the sky seemed much brighter, so I finally got a picture of this field.

Tomorrow we will celebrate Kennady's birthday, and on Friday we'll celebrate Independence Day. How are you celebrating? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Joyful said...

Enjoyed this journey! Love all the pictures and how you celebrate the different holidays for both countries & a birthday! :)
We will probably have the traditional 4th BBQ followed by the towns firework dispaly. We don't burn our money by buying them for ourselves! But most of the weekend will be business as usual!
Never heard of that brand of coffee or that totally delicious looking dessert!

Annette said...

curious..... why do you celebrate both holidays? Is there a family reason or you just like celebrating? it was good to walk through your day. :)

Kym T said...

We celebrate both because my DH and I, and our oldest son, are Canadians. We have lived in the USA for about 20 years now, and we did get our US citizenship around 10 years ago, but we are still Canadian at heart. :-)

Jenn @Treasuring Lifes Blessings said...

We both titled our alphabet posts the same! ;) Loved seeing all your photos and had to chuckle at the tide turning pic! LOL

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