Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Day - August 2014

first day

As you can tell from the calendar, the first day of August is our anniversary.

So here's the wedding photo. So 80's! The couple in the black and white wedding photo is my parents.
Earlier in the week, the hubster cracked a rib at hockey, so I spent the week driving him to and from work. He manages a greenhouse. This is the office entrance.
And here's a partial view of the greenhouses seen from the road.

I have more boxes of books in my living room right now... These all need to leave my house soon.

Since the hubster didn't really feel like eating out for our anniversary, I got take-out pizza. With bacon, of course!
Later in the evening, I made coffee.
Here's a kid killing time while the coffee brews.
And here's my anniversary coffee and chocolate cheesecake.

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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Ok... Try this again. Happy Anniversary!!! (Late) and I think your meal was perfecto!

Kym said...

thanks, Linda!

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