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Homeschool Weekly: Brisk Fall Weather Edition

Homeschool Coffee Break: Homeschool Weekly

In our homeschool... the focus was on wrapping up some things and doing a few catch-up tasks so I could summarize first quarter grades. Since Kennady is in Grade 8 I submit her grades quarterly, so I made sure all our records were up to date. Yay for me - I've been staying on top of grading much better this year, so the task wasn't hard at all. She finished reading Treasure Island this week, which I thought was excellent timing in terms of the report card! But she's a little silly - she started reading the next literature selection before finishing all the writing assignments that go with Treasure Island! Not a big deal though, because she's at least started on all of them, so she can polish and do final edits even while working on the next selection, which is poetry if I remember correctly. I do know that when she finishes that, there is a novel coming up and I had to order that from Amazon to make sure she has it when it's time to get started.

She had a little bit of catch-up reading to do in Science, and finished up a chapter in Math, so she is now in really good shape to start second quarter.

For art this week, we simply did some of the prep work for Christmas craft breakfast coming up in about a month. She is helping me "teach" a craft this year, so we had to double-check our estimates of how difficult the craft was and how long it would take. We need to put a couple finishing touches on our first sample though.
I usually do a first quarter grade summary for my high school students too, even though I don't submit their grades to our oversight until the end of semester. I didn't actually print Landon's grades out so we haven't looked at them yet, but I think he's in pretty decent shape as well. The only "problems" are that he has stalled in finishing his essay-writing course, and he hasn't been able to locate the drafting pencils he needs for his Technical Drawing course, so he's a bit stuck there for now. I know they are in this house somewhere, because Spencer used them when he did the course, and I still have a bunch of the refill leads!

In other news... Landon and his friend are both in Civil Air Patrol, and this week their squadron was involved in setting up and taking down the voting machines in many of the polling stations in our county. Landon and his friend did all the set-up and tear-down and the two stations in our local school. Pretty cool way for their squadron to earn some money for their operations, and for the boys to have a little hand in the democratic process, even though they are still too young to vote!

DH and I, and the oldest two boys all went together to vote again. Kind of neat as a family activity! I didn't take pictures this time. I did take a picture of the two of them last election cycle which was Spencer's first time voting. I don't even remember if I took a picture of Harrison when he voted for the first time, but I don't think I did. It's a big deal, in my opinion, so I should have!
Homeschool Coffee Break: Homeschool Weekly
First vote (in 2012)
DH was out of town for a couple days this week, but thankfully no disasters at home while he was away! For a few years, I felt like when he traveled for business, that was exactly when I could count on a vehicle breaking down or locking myself out of the house, or some other crisis. I think we've broken that curse. LOL

And then we had company last night - we were hosting our small groups from church for a bonfire. Except that it was so cold and windy that most of us spent most of the evening inside!
Homeschool Coffee Break: Homeschool Weekly
This moose is in our living room and was pretty popular last night!
One of my favorite things this week... hanging out with some great people last night!

I recommend... checking out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog regularly. This week there was a Thanksgiving Recipes Round-up that I've been consulting for recipe ideas for the holidays!

Thanksgiving Recipes Round-Up
On my blog this week...

On the bookshelf...

  • Song of Redemption - Lynn Austin
  • The Counterfeit Heiress - Tasha Alexander
I reviewed Prelude for a Lord by Camille Elliot on my book blog, Just A Second. Last night I finally finished Robin: Lady of Legend by R.M. ArceJaeger.

A parting shot...
Homeschool Coffee Break: Homeschool Weekly

Weekly Wrap-Up  
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