Monday, December 8, 2014

Middle School Monday - Christmas Crafts

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Middle School Monday

Welcome to Middle School Monday! Today I'd like to share a little about the Christmas Craft Breakfast Kennady and I enjoyed on Friday.  This is an annual event our homeschool group does, where we come together for a breakfast of "Christmas Craft Breakfast Casserole" (an egg/bread/cheese strata), fresh fruit, and pastries; then set up for the various crafts. Moms and older teens are the crafters - everyone volunteering to do this plans a craft ahead of time, and then when registration opens for the event, those who are attending can sign up their child(ren) for the crafts they want to do.

After last year's event, Kennady figured she was getting too old to be doing the crafts and thought she might want to teach a craft in 2014. So we started planning earlier in the fall and came up with a craft that we thought would work - a fleece wreath. Kennady and I made a sample at home in November so we had an idea of how long it would take to complete.

We also estimated the cost of the supplies, so we could set a price for each kid to do the craft. I kept a list of who registered to do our craft, so that we could buy sufficient materials and prepare everything. This wreath is basically strips of fleece (cut from a fleece blanket) tied onto a coat hanger, so we had to buy a couple of fleece blankets, a package of coat hangers, and some bows. We prepared ahead of time by cutting the fleece into 6-inch strips and putting about 100 strips into a bag for each wreath; and we  shaped the hangers into circles. (Well, the truth is that we got hubby and the boys to do that part.)

After we cleared away the food at the craft breakfast, Kennady and I set up our table with the wreath-shaped coat-hangers, the packages of fleece strips, and the bows we had to choose from. Oh, and our completed example. This wreath was done by one of the kids at the breakfast. I love how it turned out!

Oh yeah, and it turned out the Kennady changed her mind about being "too old" to do crafts once she saw some of the options! She made this Christmas hurricane lamp,

a velvet bookmark with charm,

and this lighted glass block ornament.

And on the ride home we started planning for next year!

Does your middle schooler enjoy making crafts for the holidays, or do you have a favorite holiday activity with your homeschool group? Leave a comment and let me know!

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bettyl-NZ said...

Christmas certainly has a lot of busy-ness in the season! The wreath looks so great. With no kids around any more and Christmas in the middle of summer, it's a tad difficult to get into the northern-y spirit here in New Zealand! We just plan a picnic on the beach :)

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