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5 on the Fifth - January 2015

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Welcome to another round of the 5 on the Fifth link-up hosted by Marcy at Ben and Me. Quick recap of the "rules": Each blogger participating writes a post highlighting five blog posts (from others!) that really caught their eye over the past month or so, and we pin and share the posts too. The posts I'm sharing today caught my eye very recently. Take a look:

It's a new year, and a lot of us want to make some improvements in how we're living our lives, whether it's eating healthier, quitting bad habits and starting new good habits, handling our finances better, getting organized, or any number of other things.  So I've picked out a couple of interesting blog posts related to that.

April at Coffee, Cobwebs and Curriculum shares a post titled Cow Trails (It's Time to Focus) that challenged me to  pay attention to where I'm headed and which path I'm on, rather than looking only at the "backside in front" of me. 

  This is the second year in a row that my hubby and I have decided we need to be intentional about reducing our stuff and getting our home into a neater and more organized state. I am really looking forward to the entire upcoming series from Michele at Family, Faith, and Fridays. The link will take you to the first article, Introducing 34 Weeks of Clean, and I encourage you to join me in following the series throughout the coming months. I'll be doing my best to complete Michele's assignments, and I think the camaraderie and accountability of doing it together will be helpful.

Of course we want to do better with our money too, so I was very interested in the 52 Week Money Savings Challenge at Life As You Live It. Save in increasing or decreasing increments, and the math is done for you with several different options.

And finally, a couple of posts from the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2015 which just opened. Our first week's theme is "Playing With Words" and I loved the recommendations in Language Arts Reading for Delight-Directed Learning, at Susan Raber Online.  I was reminded of some books I thought Kennady would enjoy, and I got some new ideas as well.  And for those who wonder about teaching reading at home, especially to kids who seem to be struggling with it, Kristen at Sunrise to Sunset shares awesome information and encouragement in Teaching Reading At Home: A Tale of 5 Readers.

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5 on the Fifth
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