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Homeschool Weekly: Not Quite Finished Edition

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In our homeschool... as the title implies, we didn't quite finish what we were supposed to this week. I'd have to say it's probably mostly my fault, because I should have pushed the geography and science (for Kennady) and the grammar and composition (for Landon) more than I did. Instead, I let them both work on what they thought they needed to, which turned out okay in the end. We just didn't get to check off as many boxes as I would have liked.

Friday was the end of the quarter, so I am getting first semester grades worked out. Thankfully, I'm staying up to date with grading so it's not going to be a big job. Using the Homeschool Tracker makes it very easy, actually! I was going to print out the updated assignment lists, and then realized I was pretty much out of printer ink, so that particular job didn't get finished.

In other news... it was mostly the usual stuff to keep us busy this week. I did have a grad committee meeting on Monday night, and this year's ceremony will be the easiest ever to plan! There are only two families participating so the decisions come fairly easily.  I also rescheduled my homeschool moms' night out (that was cancelled last week) for Thursday night and that was another nice evening, even though we didn't have many in attendance.

 Wednesday evening's church activities were cancelled because of snow, but we still had worship team practice.
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And look what arrived in the mail! We will be reviewing these products from Koru Naturals for the Schoolhouse Review Crew in a few weeks.
Koru Naturals review @  Koru Naturals review @

Things that made me smile... gas prices under two dollars made me smile.
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34 Weeks of Clean...
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I'm participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays. Our assignment this past week was to clean the rest of our cupboards. We've already done the pantry cupboards, so it was time to move on to the cupboards and drawers where we keep everything else that's not food. Well, here is where I have to admit that I took some shortcuts on this week's assignment. In other words, I didn't quite finish the assignment, in keeping with my theme for this post. I left out a couple  cupboards and most of my drawers because they were in pretty good shape and didn't need much of a cleaning.
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And I largely ignored two cupboards that I didn't feel like dealing with. This is one of them - it works, it's just... disorganized. I didn't know what to do with it, and didn't feel like doing anything, so I left it for now. Gah. I'll probably do it this coming week, now that I've had time to think on it a bit.
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Here are the ones that did get a redo this past week:
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Here was our big job, the cupboard where I keep all the teas and hot drink mixes (I know, those are food items), and our glassware. That cupboard has felt too full for some time, so I had my son take everything out and put it on the table for me to sort through. I can't believe all this stuff was even IN that cupboard!
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(These water goblets were in there too - do you recognize the symbol? They are from the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. We lived there at the time, and believe it or not, we collected a fairly large set of this glassware from the gas stations that were offering them as a promo along with a fill.)
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So here is the cupboard, all tidied up. I got rid of a few things, and packaged some of the teas and mixes more efficiently. A few things, like a set of Christmas themed glassware, were moved to new homes. This is much more workable! I actually left the cupboard doors open for quite awhile yesterday after I finished just so I could enjoy it. LOL
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I have some counter space still to work on today, but for  now I am taking a coffee break, even though I'm not quite finished.
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 During Week 4, we'll be cleaning our fridge, freezers, and floors. Ugh, floors. Mine need a good scrubbing, but that doesn't mean I'm excited about it. For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

I recommend... once again, the Virtual Curriculum Fair! This final week the participating bloggers will be sharing about "Seeking Beauty" through the arts in our homeschools. I'm definitely looking forward to it! Starting Monday, the Virtual Curriculum Fair will be co-hosted by Susan at Homeschooling Heart and Minds and Lisa at Golden Grasses.
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On my blog this week... It was a quiet week here at the Coffee Break. I was drinking coffee and reading other blogs more than writing on mine, I guess.

Virtual Refrigerator - Just For Fun
Middle School Monday - Cultural Geography

On the bookshelf...
The Legend of the Firefish (Trophy Chase Trilogy) by George Bryan Polivka
Ticker by Lisa Mantchev
When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland
Where Courage Calls by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan

I actually finished reading The Dancing Master by Julie Klassen but there was yet another thing I didn't finish this week - I didn't update my book blog, which means I haven't reviewed it there. I am going to try and do it this week! Promise!

A parting shot... I commissioned an original art piece by Kennady as a birthday gift for my aunt.
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Weekly Wrap-Up


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Nina said...

Such a great challenge in cleaning and making household chores! I will pop by to the blog that is hosting this challenge - thank you for the inspiration - Your cupboards do look fine and everything is in order!

Melissa N. said...

what a great outcome to your cupboard clean out! Surprised how much was in there huh! Enjoy your week.

Suanna said...

Your cupboards are looking great. I have 2 or three cupboards I didn't get to work on, but they will get worked on when I feel like it. They aren't disorganized as much as me just wanting to move a few things around for better use.

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