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Homeschool Weekly - Moving Forward Edition

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Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @
In our homeschool... In some ways, things started getting back to normal with school this week. Kennady worked on everything except Science - that is still on a backburner, but that will definitely need to change going forward.

Unfortunately, no art projects related to France were really grabbing Kennady's attention, so I told her she could just do whatever art project she wanted. She came up with this, which I shared on the Virtual Fridge (and will also feature in Scripture and a Snapshot this weekend on Just A Second.)
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

Landon focused on Notgrass World History and on Drafting, but on Friday he was finally able to get back to Algebra! So glad he'll be able to catch up on that now, and hopefully he can still finish it by the end of the school year.

Music lessons, choir, and Civil Air Patrol all went as planned this week, so it was good to get back to those routines, despite the still chilly weather.

In other news... last Sunday our church (and many others in the area) cancelled services because of the road conditions. We had snow most of the day on Saturday, which turned to freezing rain or rain overnight, and by Sunday morning most of the roads and parking lots were just not safe. We would have had some trouble getting out of our driveway, to tell the truth. Strangely enough, by late morning, the sun was shining and it was quite warm - it turned into a gorgeous day! The guys here were all out shoveling out our vehicles in their shirtsleeves!

It took until Wednesday before the water clean-up company could get back to remove the blowers and dehumidifiers. Suddenly it was so quiet in our house, we hardly knew what to do with ourselves! And we now have this view if we look up in the living room and front entry.

Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @  Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

The good news is that it made it very easy for the plumber to get at the pipe that needed to be repaired, so he came on Friday to do that, and the kids now have running water in their bathroom again! (I hope they cleaned it like I recommended. I haven't inspected.)

Next job is to talk with the insurance company again and see where we are on a settlement amount so that we can start on the repair work.

Also on Friday, we had satellite internet installed! Yay!! That's why Landon can get at his Algebra again! It's also a necessary step as we go forward on getting our solar panels installed.

Things that made me smile... this awesome sunset last weekend.
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

Please pray... I am adding a prayer request this week. Will you join me in praying for a dear homeschooling friend who just took her husband to the hospital on Friday and found out he has a brain tumor? Surgery will be on Monday, and we are praying for healing and for good news. God knows their names and their specific needs.

34 Weeks of Clean...
I'm participating in a weekly challenge and link-up at Family, Faith, and Fridays, and this past week our assignment was to work on our living rooms. Well. My living room looked like this at the beginning of the week:
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @
and I'm not gonna lie - it hasn't changed much. It didn't help that the blowers weren't out of there until Wednesday. I had thought that once the blowers were out we could start boxing up books and pictures and knick-knacks etc and start clearing the space for the contractors to come and work. We started on that, but it doesn't look hugely different so... I have to ask for an extension on this assignment!

I didn't have "after" pictures from the dining room clean-up last week, so I'll post those today. For reference, here is the "before" picture:
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @
 Is it just me, or does this look like a throwback diner more than a dining room? Not that it's a bad thing. My hubby thinks it's time to get rid of the checkered wallpaper, but I don't know what to do instead. I like it until I see it in a picture like this, and then I think, "golly, it's too much." The wallpaper was here when we moved into the house, and we added the border around the top. It goes great with our Coca-Cola theme, but yeah. Maybe time to change. If only I could think what to do instead.
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @
Anyway, I took a shadowbox type shelf off the wall and put the mirror there instead (on the far right in the picture above) and got rid of a LOT of stuff that no longer belonged on the side table in the picture below. This wall is particularly in need of something to break up the checkerboard pattern, so I may have to put the mirror back here after all. I'm unlikely to do much in that vein right away, since I want to see what we wind up doing with the living room first. I am thinking this table might go back to the living room, and if so I have a baker's rack that I'll put here instead. So many decisions!
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @
 For Week 9, I will be facing a huge challenge, because the assignment is Books! I know I have WAY too many, and I need to reduce the collection, but oh, it's so hard!! For the details of the assignment, go to Family, Faith, and Fridays. Join in if you haven't already, and check back next week for our progress!

I recommend... visiting the Schoolhouse Crew blog, where you can find all the Crew reviews of these two great products that I reviewed this week. I highly recommend both of these as well - IndoctriNation is a documentary about the relationship between the decline of Christianity in America and the public school system; and In Freedom's Cause is an exciting audio drama about William Wallace and Robert the Bruce and their fight for Scotland's freedom.
IndoctriNation review @  In Freedom's Cause review @
Crew members have also started posting reviews for Koru Naturals products. Watch for our full review of these health and beauty products at the beginning of the week.

On the bookshelf...

The Princess Bride by William Goldman
The Legend of the Firefish (Trophy Chase Trilogy) by George Bryan Polivka
Pemberley to Waterloo: Georgiana Darcy's Diary, Volume 2 by Anna Elliott
Brigid of Ireland by Cindy Thomson

I finished reading A Change of Fortune by Jen Turano - you can read that review and others at my book blog, Just A Second.

A parting shot... I love sharing coffee in the evening with my family.
Homeschool Weekly: Moving Forward Edition @

Weekly Wrap-Up

      For the Display of His Splendor

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Suanna said...

I like the diner look. I hope that you come up with something really cool for your dining room walls. I'm sure you can have a pass on the living room, but I can tell you are ready to have it back to normal.

Michele said...

Extension granted for sure! I am so sorry it has taken longer than you had hoped to get all of the repair work done! ugh. Dining room looks great. I love being able to swith furniture around and create a whole new look. I LOVE the coke collection- my inlaws have one as well and it is such a fun conversational piece to their house. They have their walls painted white, which really makes their stuff pop. I also wonder what green like your table would look like as a background? Good luck with the books- I know that is a challenge for a lot of us! Thanks for linking up.

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