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5 on the Fifth - March 2015

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Welcome to another month of 5 on the Fifth link-up hosted by Marcy at Ben and Me. Quick recap of the "rules": Each blogger participating writes a post highlighting five blog posts (from others!) that really caught their eye over the past month or so, and we pin and share the posts too. You guys... I am so behind in reading blogs again. I seriously need the 5 on the Fifth deadline just to help me catch up each month! Here are some of the posts that got my attention as I was trying to do that!

So, in case you didn't realize it, March 5th marked the beginning of the Jewish festival of Purim for this year. Now I don't pretend for a moment to be an expert on Jewish feasts, but I do know that Purim is a celebration of the time that Esther (a Jewish woman who was married to a Persian king) was able to save her people from a plot to kill them. In honor of Purim, I chose this post at The Unplugged Family to share - For Such a Time As This... Whispers for Purim (The Feast of Lots)

For another great post on celebrating Purim, see Celebrate the Feast of Purim this Year at Proverbial Homemaker.

(By the way, here's the recipe we'll use for Hamentaschen. Cheating a little, cuz this is on my own blog. Sorry.)

Speaking of Israel - which has been in the news lately! - I also enjoyed this post at Little Homeschool On the Prairie, in which Renee shares about her visit to Herodium Israel. Our adult small group at church is currently doing a study that includes video tours of sites like this in Israel, and I would love so much to be able to visit. Until I can, I will enjoy the pictures of those who have been able to!

Entry-tunnel into the Herodium
Entry tunnel into the Herodium. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

I was delighted to find that a blogger that I hadn't seen around for quite some time has picked up the pen keyboard and is blogging again. Tim at Families Again used to be a Crewmate at the Schoolhouse Crew, and I always enjoyed his humorous and insightful writing. He and his family run a ministry called "Good News Ministries". I enjoyed his article exploring what he hopes readers will get from his blog,  I Want You to Love, Learn and Laugh.

I am pretty sure it's not just me - this is the time of year when we tend to get a little weary of homeschooling, or maybe we just have the winter blahs. And sometimes we just need to admit that homeschooling isn't all sunshine and unicorns and lollipops. (Sorry to burst your sparkly rainbow bubble, if you are still in the honeymoon phase!) Guess what, there are things we sometimes don't like about homeschooling! Misty at Joy in the Journey explains the Five Things I Dislike About Homeschooling and it struck a chord with me! And it goes with the FIVE theme too. Check out her list and see if there's anything you would add.

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5 on the Fifth
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