Monday, March 23, 2015

Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day

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Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day @

Welcome to Middle School Monday!

This may be an interesting school day - we have a bit of a field trip planned... to the eye doctor! It's time for Landon's check-up, so we can get him his new supply of contact lenses, and it's been a couple of years at least since Kennady's last check-up, and we fully expect that she'll be getting her first glasses as a result of today's appointment. In any case, I feel like a fair amount of money will leave our hands today, paying for the check-ups and Landon's contacts, plus probably a first pair of glasses.

The odds are stacked against her, as everyone else in our family needs some sort of corrective lenses!

Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day @
Landon is wearing contacts in this picture, and I don't have my glasses on - but I do wear glasses for driving and love my reading glasses.

When I last took Kennady for a vision check, everything was fine, but the eye doctor did ask her if she had any trouble seeing the board at school. Ummm... No, she didn't, because we homeschool. Oh! He said we would probably need to get her into glasses when she was a few years older. So now it's a few years down the road, and we are pretty sure it's time. Especially since she tried on my driving glasses awhile ago, just for fun, and discovered that she could see distances so much better! She sometimes borrows my glasses so she can see the powerpoint in church too. I suspect she's actually excited about getting glasses, since she loves trying on my glasses and her friends' glasses and taking selfies. I'm not excited about buying them. Oh well.

Trying on a friend's glasses...
Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day @
Rocking my reading glasses
Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day @

Goofy glasses -
Middle School Monday - Vision Check Day @

Is it weird that she wants glasses? How about your kids - do they wear glasses? Do they get regular eye exams? Leave a comment and let me know! (Soon I have to get my kids to the dentist too. No one is excited about that. Ugh.)

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Tim said...

Hi Kym! We have a love/hate relationship with eye doctors. We have to go quite a lot. Really it's a love relationship, but the reason the kids have to go quite often is not a fun reason. Our oldest, John Allen, was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer when he was 15 months old. He is now 18 years old and doing great but has an artificial left eye and has to wear protective glasses to make sure nothing happens to his good eye. I do have a funny story that I will probably blog about but will tell here first. John Allen went to public school for k-3 grade. In first grade they did those regular eye exams in school. Of course his teacher knew that he had an artificial eye, but she didn't think to tell the eye examiner that and John Allen was too shy. Well, it was a shock to find out he had good vision in BOTH eyes! He had faked his way through the left eye portion of the test and passed! We see his first grade teacher every so often and still laugh about that!

Kym Thorpe said...

Oh my, too funny about John Allen having such great vision in his artificial eye! LOL Great story!

Lucius Calhoun said...

I liked looking at the funny photos of your daughter wearing different glasses and pulling faces, she must be very creative. If she needs glasses it's good that she's positive about having them. My daughter got glasses a few years ago and hated them, at first refusing to wear them. After a while she got used to them and now she's fine.

Lucius Calhoun @ Bolton Vision Centre

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