Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day Photojournal

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Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

This Mother's Day was a little different than most. My family usually takes me out for dinner one evening the week before or after Mother's Day - almost never on the Sunday itself. So that part we managed - we went out to a barbecue place on Saturday evening.

I had given a little thought to asking a friend at church to take a couple of family pictures for me, since our oldest son was moving away and it might be the last Mother's Day we were all together. But then I thought... Naaaaah, the kids will think that is lame, and besides she is busy and wants to go enjoy her own family for Mother's Day. It's not really necessary. So I didn't say anything.

We got home from church, and the hubster said, "before everyone changes into sweats, why don't we get the kids outside and get a picture of you with them for Mother's Day?" Well, okay! If he suggests it, who am I to disagree? So when we start discussing where to get the picture, we both had the same idea, but I will give him credit because he certainly said it first. "Y'know what would be funny? If you all posed like that hillbilly picture and recreated it." And we decided it would be funny, so I grabbed the picture in question and we told the kids what we wanted to do.

Here is the picture I'm referring to.
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @
What on earth? I came across this snapshot a few years ago when I was looking for pictures for Harrison's grad. I have no memory whatsoever of the picture being taken, but we guessed it was probably taken by either my mom or one of my aunts. Why.... we have no clue. But I think you'll agree it is a pretty special picture. There is just so much redneck going on, and honestly, Spencer's "We've got issues" t-shirt just kind of makes it all work.

It took a little bit of adjustment to figure out how we'd pose...
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

but I think we nailed it!
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

But seriously.
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Photo session over, we headed in for lunch - smoked brisket the hubster had done the day before - and I helped Harrison a little bit as he packed up the stuff he was taking with him.

Yeah, who moves out for the first time ON Mother's Day? My kid.

I'm very proud of this guy, actually. He is starting his new job this week at a Christian radio station, and I think it will be great for him. 
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Checking the GPS one more time before leaving the driveway.
Mother's Day Photojournal on Homeschool Coffee Break @

So far, so good. I imagine it will take a bit of time for it to really hit us that he is not just on a short trip or away at school, but that he doesn't live here any more. We'll have to take out the rest of his things once he has an apartment lined up, but we don't know for sure when that will be yet.

How did you spend Mother's Day?

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I am actually very impressed you are able to still pick up Kennady. I would seriously hurt myself if I tried to pick up Kara.. She is currently taller than me.. :)

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