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Meet the Homeschooling High School Bloggers!

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Meet the Homeschooling High School Bloggers! Introduction to the Homeschooling High School Blog Hop on Homeschool Coffee Break @

There's a strange thing I've noticed over the past few years when it comes to homeschool blogs. The number of bloggers focusing on homeschooling through the high school years is relatively small. I guess I write less about my high school students too. But I will have two in high school next year, and no younger ones, so I guess if I want to keep blogging about homeschooling, I will need to figure out how to put the spotlight on high school grades!

A group of eighteen Schoolhouse Crew bloggers are getting together to bring you the Homeschooling High School Blog Hop. Each month from June until December we'll each be focusing on an aspect of homeschooling our high schoolers, and we invite you to check in and learn alongside us!

Here's what we'll be discussing:
June 24 - Planning for High School
July 29 - Electives
August 26 - Math, Science, and Biology
September 30 - Language Arts
October 28 - "How am I going to teach High School ...?"
November 25 - How do you fit it all in?
December 30 - Graduation

If you're new to my blog, we have already graduated two students from our homeschool, so I've done this before. Still, every student is different, so with my third son about to enter eleventh grade, it's not a repeat of what the other two boys did! We stick with some things because they work for us, but are also open to trying new things as well. This son is thinking he might be able to graduate early too, so that brings a whole new set of factors to how we're doing high school. And then there's my daughter, who will be in ninth grade this fall. She has very different strengths, interests, and ambitions so I have a feeling we will be forging an almost completely new path for her high school years.

Here's the team of bloggers bringing their unique perspectives to our blog hop. We all look forward to sharing about homeschooling high school with each other and with all our readers!

Chareen from Every Bed of Roses
Every bed of Roses

Jennifer from A Glimpse of Our Life
A Glimpse of Our Life

Through the Calm and Through the Storm

As We Walk Along the Road

Lisa from Golden Grasses
Golden Grasses

Wendy from Life at Rossmont
Life at Rossmont

Gena from I Choose Joy!
I Choose Joy!


Carol from Home Sweet Life
Home Sweet Life

April from ElCloud Homeschool

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BARBIE said...

Great list. Do you happen to have a list of Middle School bloggers?

Kym said...

Barbie, I don't have a list but you can check my Middle School Monday posts and see the bloggers that have linked up. I think there are probably fewer bloggers talking about middle school than high school, which is why I started that link-up in the first place! And now my middle schooler is almost ready to move on!

Unknown said...

Ahh! This looks great! With a junior this year, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this!

Annette said...

i hope you all have fun doing this. :) Kudos to you all.

Annette @ A net in Time (

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