Tuesday, July 7, 2015

July Blogging Challenge - In My Bag

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For today's July Blogging Challenge hosted by Lynn at This Day Has Great Potential and Jennifer at A Glimpse of Our Life, the question is "What's in your bag?" I'm going with a literal interpretation, because it was a reminder to me that I needed to clean out my handbag again! It tends to collect things that don't belong there, so I try to clean it out about once a week. I also like to switch my bag often. Up until a few weeks ago, I had been using the tote bag in the picture above. It's one of my favorites - a large handbag/tote that looks like it's fashioned out of a hockey jersey. I won this one at a charity auction two years ago. 

So what's in the bag? 

-my wallet and checkbook
-an extra wallet that I had been using to keep my grocery money and receipts separate
-a small zipper bag with gum, mints, Tums (I don't leave home without them!), etc
-a small cosmetic bag with lipstick, powder, nail file, etc
-THREE pairs of glasses - driving glasses, reading glasses, and bifocals
-some random pens and pencils
-a case for my Kindle
-a granola bar or something similar for emergency snacking

When I leave the house, I often drop my camera in my bag. My keys and cellphone usually go in my pocket, sometimes in my bag. If I wear my sunglasses when I go out, they will wind up in my bag when I take them off.

When it's time to clean out my bag, I generally find a bunch of crumpled receipts. My bad habit. I jam in there at the store, thinking I'll take them out and deal with them as soon as I get home, but more often than not I forget. 

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July Blogging Challenge

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