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Join the Schoolhouse Review Crew!

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You've probably noticed that I often share reviews of curriculum and other things here for the Schoolhouse Review Crew, and how much I enjoy doing that. But the Review Crew is so much more than getting homeschool products to try and to tell others about - although that's obviously a huge benefit! Until the end of this month, the Schoolhouse Review Crew is accepting applications to join us for the 2016 year, so let me tell you a little bit more about it, and why you should consider joining.

How does the Crew work?
Well, it's respected team of over 200 homeschool bloggers, and our honest and thoughtful reviews are sought out by many publishers of homeschool resources, as well as other products that may not be specifically for homeschoolers (like USAopoly games or Koru Naturals) but are such a treat to review. The Crew has its own private forum, and that's where the team leadership shares information about the upcoming products for review and we are able to give feedback on which products we most want to try and which ones we can't use or don't feel are a good fit for our families. Leaders do their best to select the crew members that can best use and review each product. Once we receive the product, we have about six weeks - give or take - to use it and really get to know it, before our reviews are posted on our blogs and linked up to the Crew blog.

So -- free curriculum?
That's right - free curriculum! We've been able to use some amazing products during the years I've been on the Crew. We've used some things that I hadn't even heard of, or that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. Some of those things have become our favorites - like Lightning Lit & Comp for Kennady, and DrumsWithWillie for Landon. We've also been able to use things that I would not have been been brave enough to spend my money on without trying them first, or that I thought were outside of my budget. For example, we've been blessed with materials from IEW and VideoText Interactive. Most of the time, we find a lot to love about the resources we review, even those that we ultimately don't continue to use. Yes, sometimes we review something that isn't a good fit for us, but since we provide honest reviews, I can explain what didn't suit us and maybe that's what makes it just right for somebody else.

What else does the Crew offer?
I'm so glad you asked! Because the Schoolhouse Review Crew means so much more to me than just reviewing curriculum! There's also the fun and fellowship of this wonderful group of homeschool bloggers to enjoy on our forum. Sure, we talk about the reviews we're working on and 'business' things like that. But we also share funny stories and our prayer requests; we ask questions and share advice about everything homeschool-related as well as things about family life, homemaking, health, and travel. Not only that, but being part of the Crew offers encouragement to improve and grow as bloggers. There are blog carnivals and round-ups and guest post opportunities sponsored by the Schoolhouse Review Crew, as well as the link-ups and lots of other fun things we find out about just by networking with so many other bloggers. Most of the link-ups I participate in, including the one I co-host, Virtual Refrigerator, are things I found out about from fellow Crew members.

How do you apply?
Visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog to find out more and to fill out the application. If you're a homeschooler and have a blog, you can give it a shot! We have a mentoring program for new Crew members, and there's a social media networking group as well as blog and social media tutorials to help you grow your blog, so no worries if you're a 'small market' blogger (like me!).

Schoolhouse Review Crew 2016 Applications

Do you have other questions about the Schoolhouse Review Crew? Go ahead and ask me! Also, let me know if you apply, so I can cheer you on!

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