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Virtual Refrigerator - Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting

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Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting on the Virtual Refrigerator, an art link-up at Homeschool Coffee Break @ #Australia #art #VirtualFridge

Welcome to another edition of the Virtual Refrigerator! This weekly art link-up is co-hosted by A Glimpse of Our LifeHomeschool Coffee Break, and Every Bed of Roses. We all cordially invite you to add your link sharing the art that's on your Virtual Refrigerator and then hop over to the other blogs and admire what's on their Fridges!

Well, the seasons are changing, and many of us are now at least a month into our new school year and hopefully we're adjusting to whatever changes that has brought. And things have been changing with the Virtual Fridge as well. For me, my resident artist has been working on other subjects and hasn't produced new art for a couple of weeks (other than her doodling) so I decided to go my archives for something to put up on the Fridge today. For Jennifer (at A Glimpse of Our Life), changes in her family's routine are making it a challenge for her to keep up with the Fridge right now. We had planned to do another month of artist studies in October, but Chareen (at Every Bed of Roses) has been on an exciting trip into the Australian Outback the past few weeks so that took priority, and understandably so! (I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures and learning about her adventures when she gets home and back online!)

So since I'd decided to find art from my archives, I chose a project we did several years ago that is inspired by folk art from Australia. This style of painting with dots originated with the Australian Aborigines, who painted on cave walls, rocks, stones, and tree bark, and decorated objects such as didgeridoos and boomerangs. In ancient times, the paints were made out of dirt, plants, seeds, and berries.

This project was done by both Kennady and Landon, and they were both somewhere between 8 and 12 years old at the time. (Isn't that awful? I can't remember what grades they were in! And I'm pretty much too lazy to hunt up the dates on these so I can figure it out.) Landon drew an abstract pattern and Kennady drew a sea turtle. The outlines were sketched lightly in pencil, then they used cotton swaps to dot the acrylic paints into their pattern outlines. To imitate the Aboriginal style, use mostly earth toned colors, and do an outline picture of a flower or an animal such as a turtle, lizard, fish, or butterfly.

Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting on the Virtual Refrigerator, an art link-up at Homeschool Coffee Break @ #Australia #art #VirtualFridge
Abstract, Aboriginal Dot Painting by Landon

Australian Aboriginal Dot Painting on the Virtual Refrigerator, an art link-up at Homeschool Coffee Break @ #Australia #art #VirtualFridge
Sea Turtle, Aboriginal Dot Painting by KAT

The original instructions for this project came from Geography Through Art by Sharon Jeffus and Jamie Aramini.

Let me know if you try it, or if you've done a similar project in the past!

There may be more changes coming to the Virtual Fridge in the months ahead, so stay tuned!

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Annette said...

Australian Dot Art is rather neat to see. Some designs are so well done it's amazing. :)

Creative Madness Mama said...

That's really cool. I completely need to schedule art into our day. I had it scheduled as a when-all-is-done, but that's just not happening..

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