Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Driving - A Milestone

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Landon got his driver's license on Friday. That's the third of my four kids to reach that milestone.

Everything was pretty low-key, but it's a cool achievement, especially since he passed his test on the first attempt. (Maryland no longer requires parallel parking in order to pass the road test, so I suspect the first-time success stories are becoming more common now!) Of course, the next achievement will be mine - I will have to let him borrow our car and go somewhere on his own for the first time. So far we haven't had occasion for me to see how well I'm doing in my letting go skills. For the most part, I think I do quite well with letting my kids grow up, and certainly with driving I am looking forward to the benefits of another driver. There are times when the logistics of getting everybody to the places they need to be would be significantly eased by having one more person to act as chauffer or be able to drive himself to wherever it is. Provided we have enough vehicles to go around . . . that is our next concern. Spencer has been shopping for a car, and we sure hope he can find one - and that we can find time to actually go purchase it! - very soon!

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Unknown said...

Congratulations! Such a big step :)

Brittney said...


I'm just glad I'm still really far away from this milestone.

Tim said...

Our second should get his permit in December. Wow! How time flies! I'm not sure I'm ready!

Cristi said...

Trying to figure out all the logistics certainly made it easier for me to let our oldest drive away on her first solo adventures. (Being able to use the find my phone app to see where she was helped too.)

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