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X-Rays on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I must say it turned out very conveniently for my Blogging Through the Alphabet endeavor that Kennady had her first experience with X-rays last week! I've blogged through the alphabet a couple of times, and X is a challenging letter, so I was out of ideas. The timing couldn't be better, although I don't actually have a photo of her X-rays.

Anyway, on Tuesday at gym class, Kennady had an awkward moment that resulted in a fall and an injured ankle. She couldn't put weight on it at all, and we decided to be safe and head over to urgent care and get it checked out. My gut was that it wasn't broken, but as I learned a few years ago when Spencer injured his ankle (also playing soccer at gym class!), your gut isn't always reliable when it comes to ankles. (When Spencer went down, everyone who saw - and heard - it was convinced it was broken, plus it swelled up huge and he was in a cold sweat and extremely nauseous. But a very expensive and lengthy trip to the emergency room revealed that it was a very bad sprain.)

So off we went to urgent care - it might not be faster, but I'm betting it will be cheaper than the emergency room, and this wasn't technically an emergency anyway.

X-Rays on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Believe it or not, Kennady could not even remember having her blood pressure taken with a cuff before, so even getting her vitals checked was a new experience! Thankfully the X-rays looked clean - there was no break, and it was decided that the sprain was probably mild enough that she could expect to be pretty much back to normal in a week or two. So she could stick with the borrowed ankle brace (I have two ankle splints especially for sprained ankles, but can I find either one? No.) and avoid making use of this expensive walking boot that Spencer had. 

X-Rays on Homeschool Coffee Break @

But she was very glad we had crutches for her to use, because she really couldn't put any weight on it until Saturday, when she insisted on going to her choir dress rehearsal without them. I think it's fair to say she hobbled through that rehearsal, but she did manage okay. She went without crutches on Sunday morning and to the choir performance on Sunday afternoon, and then admitted she'd overdone it and was back on crutches in the evening to give the foot a rest.

X-Rays on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Makes me think of Tiny Tim's chair.

Today she's back to hobbling, but the crutches are handy, just in case. Tomorrow is gym class. She may not be able to put her foot down, so I'm putting mine down. She will not be playing soccer or whatever else. She can watch and socialize, and that's it!

It always surprises me when I stop to think of how few emergency type injuries my kids have had! Some sprains, some cuts that needed stitches, burns, bruises - but how on earth did all four kids get through their childhood playing sports and doing all sorts of reckless things and not bust themselves up worse? Knock on wood.

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Praying for her as she hobbles around. :) And that is wonderful that there wasn't a break!

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