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From the High School Lesson Book - Music Studies

We might sometimes struggle with staying on track in Math or Science, but there's at least one subject in which I can count on the work getting done and the credits being earned. That subject is Music. Kennady will be earning two full credits in Music this year, one for Guitar and one for Choral Music.  
She started formal guitar (and piano) lessons at about the same time she joined the Children's Chorus, and she is a natural. I wouldn't be a bit surprised if her career choices revolve around music. We'd originally started out with me teaching her a little piano, but we lacked the discipline to keep at it regularly at home, so eventually I did sign her up for lessons after she bought herself a guitar with birthday money one year and desperately wanted to learn.

My Favorite Daughter on Homeschool Coffee Break
This is when she got her first guitar, in 2012.

At the beginning of this school year, we changed teachers for guitar and dropped the piano lessons. Guitar is her instrument of choice and her instructor is doing an amazing job of teaching her and challenging her, so she is progressing very quickly. She's acquired an electric guitar and a ukulele as well, and is now a regular member of my worship team at church. Last Sunday she and Landon and a couple of other teens led a couple of songs during the service, and they did a great job!

These pictures were taken during their last practice session.

Really hard to get a clear picture of Landon behind the drum shield,
 but he did a great job too!

Photo taken by the Student Ministries Director during the service.
Her second music credit is for Choral Music. As part of an award-winning Children's Chorus, she's been receiving top quality vocal instruction. The program she is in is far more than just a kids' choir for fun. It's a comprehensive music education and performance program with weekly through the school year, and a few extended practices on Saturdays. There are two major concerts each year for the full chorus (there are four age group divisions as well as a boys group) in winter and in spring. The smaller age group choirs also do several local performances. She is now in the upper level chorus (mostly high school age girls), and much of the music they learn are college level choral arrangements.

My Favorite Daughter on Homeschool Coffee Break
Outside Carnegie Hall, where her choir performed in June 2015.
Middle School Monday - Choral Singing
It's really difficult to get good pictures during performances. Oh well.

Middle School Monday - Choral Singing
Full chorus with the youngest age group joining.

With a group of her friends from the chorus after this year's
Spring Celebration concert.
She's even carted off the keyboard I won at Christmas, and keeps it in her room. In fact, it's not unusual for me to catch her playing the keyboard or her ukulele when she should be studying Geography or Literature.  Which is more than a little frustrating, but maybe it will pay off when she's earning a living doing what she obviously loves so much!

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How wonderful! I always wished I could play a musical instrument. I loved chorus in school and was pretty good but I could never get the hang of an instrument.

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