Saturday, December 31, 2016

52 Lists #52 - Setting Goals for 2017

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52 LIsts #52 - Setting Goals for 2017 on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I wanted to complete my final list for 52 Lists at Beauty Full Slow before the end of the year, but to tell the truth, I haven't devoted much thought (yet) to my goals and plans for 2017. So my list of goals for 2017 shared here is probably incomplete since it's just the things I can think of quickly, but it is a starting point. 
  • Be more organized in my home - with so many comings and goings and new responsibilities and schedules, I will need to adjust my routines and think ahead more often. More than ever, having a simple meal plan and a practical way to get through all the housekeeping chores in a week will be so helpful in keeping me sane and my family fed and happy!
  • Stay on target in our homeschool - although I have just one student now, I'm finding that the need to get things done on schedule and stay current with assignments and grading presents just as much of a challenge as when I had four students! I think I will need to set a weekly appointment with Kennady to go over her assignments and stay on top of how she is doing. Neither of us can afford to be slackers!
  • Be diligent in my household responsibilities - I do always get bills paid on time and such, but I tend to procrastinate on some record-keeping tasks, even though I know it only  makes it more difficult to catch up! 
  • Prioritize family and manage my time accordingly.
  • Keep learning new things.
  • Live, love, and laugh abundantly. 
  • Honor God in everything.
Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. ~Jim Rohn
What are your goals for 2017? Or are you still working on articulating them, like I am? Leave a comment and let me know, and visit Beauty Full Slow to find inspiration in the goals others are setting! While you're there, say thank you to her for hosting this link-up!

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Joanne said...

A very good start!

Brittney said...

I think that's a great start. I also need to be more organized in my home, both the household management and the time management.

Lori said...

My favorite? Keep learning new things. That helps with all those others, in some ways. I feel like I could copy this list and have a pretty good one for myself. :) - Lori

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