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Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas

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Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas on Homeschool Coffee Break @   #HomeschoolHighlights  #homeschool

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Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas on Homeschool Coffee Break @   #HomeschoolHighlights  #homeschool

Homeschool news  . . . We are wrapping up our holiday break today, and I'm planning that we'll hit the books hard starting on Monday. Kennady did finish off the last few pages of her Health course, so that we can check that off the list, and did a little bit of reading in other subjects during the week. I will be updating grades and assignments over the weekend so we'll be ready with our plan bright and early Monday morning. (Here's hoping we don't sleep in!)

Other news . . . We had a laid back celebration of New Year's last weekend, spending New Year's Eve with friends, playing games and enjoying some delicious food. But since we were leading worship on Sunday morning, we headed home and to our beds not very long after ringing in the New Year.

 Getting to church Sunday morning presented a few challenges since we were still short a vehicle, and Spencer had to work, and the hubster was playing in a hockey tournament. We managed though, and then spent the afternoon and evening relaxing and playing more games. And taking extra long naps! Monday was very relaxed as well, since Landon and the hubster both had the day off.

On Tuesday, we finally were able to reconnect with the insurance people and get things rolling for settling the claim for Spencer's car. Not after voicing some serious complaints to how his insurance adjuster handled her end of the deal (or didn't, actually, which was why we had complaints!) though! The car is finally being appraised and we'll find out whether they consider it worth repairing or not. The other two vehicles were both totaled, so we are expecting the verdict to be the same on his, sadly. I guess that means he and Landon will both be vehicle shopping. We also did get Spencer into an insurance-provided rental car, so at least the pressure of transportation for all of us is eased.

Landon was back to CAP, and Kennady back to chorus on Tuesday evening; and on Wednesday we were all back to our mid-week church activities. It seemed too soon in some ways - perhaps because New Years Day fell on a Sunday and most people had Monday off.

Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas on Homeschool Coffee Break @   #HomeschoolHighlights  #homeschool
This is new at the church coffee house!

Last evening my parents treated hubby and me to dinner, and we wound up driving home through the start of our first significant snowfall of this winter. Road conditions were fine, although visibility wasn't great. I admit I worried a bit this morning when Landon went to work, but apparently the roads were good, and the only real effect was that he had to clear snow off the car before leaving!

Today I will be taking my parents to the airport. I suppose it's fitting that their departure date coincides with the twelfth day of Christmas and our official end of the season.

What's New . . .
Remembering to write 2017 on everything.
Finding new calendars.
Settling into a schedule with my job.
And moving the Virtual Refrigerator link-up to Wednesdays from now on - please join us!

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I recommend . . .  continuing to follow the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2017. We started this past Monday, and each week more than 25 bloggers with a collective homeschool experience of over 300 years will share about their curriculum choices and how they cover the various subjects in their homeschools.

Hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

See my article for the first week of the fair here: This Is How We Homeschool - Virtual Curriculum Fair Week 1

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On my blogs last week . . .

Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I didn't finish any books, but I've been working on:

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen

A parting shot . . . This is Landon with Gramma and Papa, showing off his graduation quilt, made by Gramma.

Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas on Homeschool Coffee Break @   #HomeschoolHighlights  #homeschool

Homeschool Highlights - The Twelfth Day of Christmas on Homeschool Coffee Break @   #HomeschoolHighlights  #homeschool

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