Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Virtual Refrigerator - One Okayish Fish

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One Okayish Fish on the Virtual Refrigerator art link-up hosted by Homeschool Coffee Break @ #art  #VirtualFridge

Welcome to the Virtual Refrigerator art link-up! Thank you for joining me and my co-hosts as we all share what we're creating in our homeschools. We all cordially invite you to add your link sharing artwork that's on your Virtual Refrigerator and then hop over to the other blogs and admire what's on their Fridges too! The Virtual Fridge link-up is open all month, and we plan our anchor posts for each Wednesday.

Another project from Creating A Masterpiece is gracing my Virtual Fridge door today:

One Okayish Fish on the Virtual Refrigerator art link-up hosted by Homeschool Coffee Break @ #art  #VirtualFridge
Okayish Fish by KAT, February 2017

Why is it titled "Okayish Fish", you ask? Because Kennady made an Instagram story from her experience and that was part of her caption. Apparently she wished her colors had blended a bit better. Everyone who has seen it so far has agreed it's better than "okayish" but it's a catchy title, so it stuck. 

One Okayish Fish on the Virtual Refrigerator art link-up hosted by Homeschool Coffee Break @ #art  #VirtualFridge
one okayish fish Instagram picture courtesy of KAT.
Used with permission.
She is really having a good time with Creating A Masterpiece, and from what I've seen, lots of other Crew members are loving it too! Stay tuned for those reviews coming up in a few weeks!

Now it's your turn! Join us by sharing your art posts here on the Virtual Fridge!

The Virtual Refrigerator is an art post link-up hosted by Every Bed of Roses, Homeschool Coffee Break, Raventhreads, and This Day Has Great Potential #VirtualFridge #art
Yeah, I've still got the new button on
my To-Do List!

Grab a virtual magnet and add your link here to share your child's art or your arts and crafts how-to posts. Please visit the other blogs and admire what's on their Virtual Refrigerators!

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The Happy Homeschool Mom said...

That is much more then an okayish fish! It's beautiful!

Unknown said...

That's too cute! "Okayish fish." The Virtual Refrigerator is such a great idea to display as much of the children's work without all of the paper clutter on the fridge. The kids make so much art and it's definitely a challenge deciding what to do with it. Great idea!

Ritsumei said...

Yup, I'd have to agree, he's more than ok-ish.

Unless it's talking about mood. He looks a little glum. It cracks me up that clownfish seem to be frowny.

Kym said...

Yes, isn't it ironic that clownfish have the same grumpy mouth as all the other fish?! LOL

Annette said...

It is definitely an good okayish fish. :)

a49erfangirl said...

That is a very good okayish fish! Very good job! That is one my daughter and I want to try as well.

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