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Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week

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Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I'll need a travel mug again today!

Homeschool news  . . .  Well, it was a crazy busy week, and I wondered if we'd get anything done. We hit Science, Math, and some History, and did some writing. Kennady did some additional reading, mostly the biography of Milton Hershey from YWAM Publishing for an upcoming review.

I expect us to concentrate more on Literature over the next couple of weeks, specifically Shakespeare, as we'll be working on a Lightning Lit course for review.

Other news . . . last week we had a busy weekend planned, and with rain in the forecast I wondered how much we'd be able to do. But we managed everything on the list, even though we get muddy and damp a couple of times! On Saturday morning, there was a spring farm festival at a homestead farm market I've started shopping at. I was going to take some kids with me, but it was raining and just rather unpleasant outside, so I went by myself and just grabbed my produce bundle and some take-out barbecue from the food truck there and called it good. Went home and shared the barbecue with Landon and Kennady, and by that time the rain had pretty much stopped, so Kennady and I headed over the East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue open house as we'd planned. It was chilly, and the ground was muddy and messy, but we had a great time and hope to return for another visit on a sunnier day. (You can see all my pictures in this post: )

Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Then in the evening, the hubster and I went down to Frederick to help out at a running festival. Not running, of course! I'm all about NOT running, actually.

The busy schedule continued Sunday, as we had a carry-in dinner at church following the service; and then in the afternoon I took Kennady to Baltimore where her choir was singing in the Bach In Baltimore concert series. The concert was in one of the beautiful historic churches in the Inner Harbor area, so the setting was lovely, and the music was breath-taking. 

Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

This week has been meetings and appointments and a little frustration at times. I had a homeschool moms' night out on Monday, a co-op planning meeting and choir rehearsals on Tuesday, hair appointments on Wednesday, and worked Thursday and Friday. Our dryer stopped working last week (and of course it was raining, which made for a lot of challenges in getting laundry done!) and a repairman came on Monday to fix that. We've decided to get new cellphones, so I spent some time on that, but the transaction will need to wait until next week at this point. Our lawn tractor has been out for repair - again, while it's been rainy so that the grass could grow extra tall in the meantime - and was finally delivered yesterday. I am hoping the rain holds off long enough today so that my son can get the front yard mowed at minimum. I'm having guests in the morning, and I'd like the place to look decent!

And tonight is the Junior Senior Banquet, as well as another open house for the co-op, so after I make sure Kennady gets to the banquet, I'll head for the open house, then I'll be meeting Kennady and her friends at the after-party. A busy evening, and then tomorrow is another busy day, but I'll tell you about that next week!

What's Working . . . thankfully, our dryer and our lawn tractor are working again! And on a homeschool note, I do believe we've finally managed to find a routine that works for organizing schooldays and my work days.

Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . .  my daughter told me that a friend of hers had mentioned something about their mom being weird. Kennady said she didn't think so, but that her own mom was weird too. The friend responded something like, "Your mom isn't weird. She's funny."  Funny? I was hoping for "awesome" or maybe "cool", but I guess "funny" isn't so bad. It's better than "lame" anyway! Kennady said it was a good thing, but she may have been protecting my feelings; I don't know! Do your kids think you're weird? I guess no matter how we educate, it's a parents job to embarrass their kids at some point, right?

I'm sharing this Funny in the weekly link-up called Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails.

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Homeschool Highlights - Another Busy Week on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Unknown said...

I love those big kitties! LOL

Annette said...

um.. okay... I was going to say something profound but the lad interrupted me so I'll go with the less profound. I'll take children/youth calling me funny any day :) Your pictures make me want to visit that rescue.

Kirsten West said...

My kids think I am funny sometimes. Not so much weird as. "Mom, I love you but you are sadly not with the times." That might just be a gentler form of weird.
I love your weekly stories! The picture of the church is fantastic! I love old churches. When I was younger on a trip to Germany to visit relatives, I got to go to an ancient church carved into the stone of a cliff in either Germany or Switzerland (not sure which as I was young). Walking into an old place of worship is such an incredible feeling!
How did the Junior Senior Banquet go?

Deann H said...

The church looks beautiful, and yay for working appliances!

Jennifer said...

Funny! That sounds like a happy description to me.

Christy of The Travel Bags said...

What a great week! The exotic animals--wow! Those pictures are great. And kudos on NOT running at a running festival. That's exactly my speed--pun intended. Ha! Oh, and "funny" is a thousand times better than "lame" or "weird," so kudos on that, too! Have another great week!

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