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From Monday to Friday

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Ever wondered what the typical schedule for a homeschooled high schooler looks like? I have. But I usually come to the conclusion that there's probably no such thing as a "typical" homeschool student, especially not during the high school years. So what our schedule looks like may or may not look like what others are doing.

From Monday to Friday on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I start every day with coffee. And prayer.

Kennady doesn't usually drink coffee in the morning, so that means more for me. But she does usually start school around 9am. That's plenty early enough for her, as our whole family tends to be night owls.

I print an updated assignment list for her each Sunday night (or early Monday morning) so she has an easy reference for what needs to be done. It's usually a pretty quick job to grade anything I missed during the week and make any adjustments to the assignments. Homeschool Tracker Online is what I've been using for many years to keep my lesson plans, assignments, grades, and records organized. Having only one week at a time of an assignment list is more manageable for her to see what she needs to accomplish. And there are fewer papers to keep track of, since the one week assignment list is usually just two pages long.

From Monday to Friday on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Tracker Online - A Homeschool Coffee Break Review on

High School Assignment Tracking on Homeschool Coffee Break @
An example of a weekly assignment list

Mondays and Fridays, she needs to get up on her own and make all her own decisions about which subjects are priority and what she needs to work on, because I'm at work. I'm always available to help via phone or messaging, but it's a bit of a challenge for me to look at something she is working on and needs help with, so if anything like that comes up, she saves it for when I get home. She most often starts her day with History and then moves on to Writing, French, and Algebra. I notice she tries to leave Algebra for last - it's not her favorite!

Even on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I spend the day at home with her, she prefers to start off with History, because it's mostly reading. That gives her time to ease to fully awake before she needs to tackle algebra or writing assignments.

Sometimes on Tuesdays, our schoolday feels like it's cut short because we need to be out the door to her chorus rehearsals no later than 5. That means dinner is early and is rushed. School is an all day affair though, because in the evening she is interning as a director's assistant in one choir, then singing as a student in another. That's two full credits for chorus, for those of you keeping score at home!

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From Monday to Friday on Homeschool Coffee Break @
some of the chorus members in New Orleans this past June

Wednesdays can feel like short or choppy school days as well, because that's the day she has her guitar lesson. And while it's nice that we have the flexibility to do the lesson during the day, it also runs the risk of interrupting the day. We also have church activities on Wednesday evening, including worship team practice every other week, so the evening isn't open for catching up on any schoolwork that was missed. Worship team is worth another whole credit to her though!

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We try to get home and to bed as early as practical on Wednesdays after church, because Thursday is Kennady's early start. We need to be at her co-op class by 8am, which means leaving our house - coffees in hand - shortly after 7. Quite a bit earlier than she usually starts school. At co-op she is in a 90-minute French class, then has a half hour study hall break before her hour-long Writing class (that's the one I teach), then goes straight to an hour-long Speech & Presentation class. She really enjoys the Speech class, and I think it's probably the highlight of her day. Even though she doesn't have any classes at the co-op after lunch break, we pack a lunch along anyway so we can eat with friends there, and then either run errands or hang out with friends for a bit in the afternoon.

From Monday to Friday on Homeschool Coffee Break @
From Monday to Friday on Homeschool Coffee Break @
we have plenty of fun at co-op too!

And I already outlined what Fridays are like, so that takes us to the weekend. I prefer to not expect school on the weekend, especially on Sunday, but on occasion she needs to do a little catching up. Sometimes the weekend offers the best chance we have to work on something that we need to do together, especially if the week has been any crazier than the usual level of crazy!

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Do you think there is such a thing as a typical homeschool schedule? What does yours look like? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Joanne said...

I don't think there is such a thing as a typical schedule for any age... at least we haven't found one yet! Sure we have a similar routine on the days when we're staying home but I can honestly say no two days are ever alike.

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