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Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty

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Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Yeah, make it a French Press coffee.

Homeschool news  . . . well, there's not much new news here. We plugged away at schoolwork. I suppose I'll plan a grading marathon for the weekend, because I hadn't figured out a decent way to put Kennady's grades on co-op classes into the Homeschool Tracker week to week. I just kept track of her in-class time, and figured I'd add all the assignment grades at the end of the semester, as I should be getting most of them from the instructors. So that needs to happen on my end. Kennady worked on History and even Algebra this week. Since Speech & Presentation class is finished, I would have thought she'd have more time for Algebra, but I think she spent that time playing her ukulele instead. Hmm. But her Writing class homework was done on time (I suspect just barely!) and although she stressed about it, all her French homework was done as well. She was worried about the quiz that was due this week but apparently scored 100% on it after all that! They went over it in class, as all the students were having some trouble understanding the conjugations of the verbs, so the instructor decided not to count that quiz in the grades - and then it turned out that they did a lot better with the answers than they'd expected! Oh well. I think I will include Kennady's quiz score in her semester grade for French anyway. 

Other news . . . On Saturday, Kennady and I went to a paint brunch at church and painted the snowmen I featured on my Virtual Fridge this week.

Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.comHomeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Sunday church service was a little different because the pews were gone, and had been replaced by chairs. The sanctuary felt a little empty and the acoustics were somewhat changed. On Monday the work began in earnest, and the first step involved quite a bit of demolition. Exactly what the guys enjoy most! The contractor doing the renovation is the one Landon works for, so that's the jobsite he's been at this week. And Spencer is working for them right now too.

Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @
Remember how we used to have a platform here?
Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @
This is what the platform looked like as of Monday evening. o.O

Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @
We're also getting new light fixtures and ceiling tiles.
While the renovation project is very exciting, there are bumps along the way, and this week it turns out we won't be able to have service in the sanctuary as planned. So we're going to Plan B, which at the time of writing is to have service in the fellowship hall. Our family worship team was on the schedule for this week, but we're now planning to go entirely acoustic, so it will probably be me and a guitarist, and maybe one of the guys on the drumbox. Should be an adventure!

We had more chilly temperatures this week, and snow on Tuesday evening. For some reason schools were closed on Wednesday (I didn't think the roads were bad at all) so that meant all the midweek activities at church were cancelled. Although it was still cold yesterday, things were back to normal so we could still have co-op classes.

What's Coming Up . . . the Homeschool Review Crew season has officially begun, and we already know that we'll be working on two reviews over the next month or so. We're looking forward to receiving Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio Productions, one of our favorite vendors! And we'll also be honing some keyboarding skills using UltraKey from Bytes of Learning.  Watch for both of those reviews in about a month! And there are others in the works as well!

Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @

I recommend . . . Don't forget the 2018 New Year, Fresh Start promotion at! Until the end of the month, the Ultimate Membership is only $90 a year (use the promo code NEWYEAR18), or $9.95 per month (use the promo code MONTHNEWYEAR18). For more info, take a look at my post - All That and More!, or check all the new Crew reviews by going to the Homeschool Review Crew blog. Personally, I'm hoping to find time to look over some of the courses with Kennady and decide whether we'll pick one or two electives to tackle, or if we'll just use lessons here and there in second semester. There's a lot there to choose from, and there's part of me that wishes we had time to do it all! - All That and More! on Homeschool Coffee Break @ - All That and More! on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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A parting shot . . . I surprised myself with how much I liked my finished painting. I was especially proud of the broom! Haha!

Homeschool Highlights - A Chilly Week Twenty on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Joesette said...

I love the snowman artwork! What a fun thing to do together!

Kirsten West said...

Oh! Your church renovations make the room look so very empty! I am excited to see what it looks like when it is done!

Christy said...

Great paintings! I always wonder how people are able to do those, because most 2 year olds have more artistic ability than me.

I hope the church renovations finish up quickly!

Joanne said...

Wow! That is quite the renovation project. I bet the church will look beautiful when it's done.

Unknown said...

That IS a great broom. ;)

Kimberley said...

Love the paintings! We've been thinking of attending a family paint night, you've bolstered my enthusiasm!

Kristen of A Mom's Quest to Teach said...

I love the paintings! And I always find it exciting and sad when changes happen - that looks like a huge renovation project.

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