Tuesday, April 10, 2018

5 Days of Lessons for Homeschool Moms - 2018 Spring Blog Hop

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5 Days of Lessons for Homeschool Moms - 2018 Spring Blog Hop on Homeschool Coffee Break @ kympossibleblog.blogspot.com

Every spring the Homeschool Review Crew has a blog hop featuring homeschool related themes from many of our Crew bloggers. This year's 5 Days of . . . Blog Hop will be April 23rd through April 27th. Get to know the Crew bloggers a little better as they share about unit studies, reading, field trips, home ec, science, parenting, and so much more!

As for me, I'll be sharing some of the lessons that I have learned as a homeschool mom. I've been homeschooling for twenty years now, and although I've learned a lot about homeschooling, about my kids, and about myself over those years, I feel like there are still things I'm figuring out! When I started asking some of my homeschooling friends about what they've learned, a common theme was that we all realize that no matter how long we've been doing this, there are still things we can and should be learning as we go. During the Blog Hop week, I'll highlight some of those lessons, and I invite you to join in! We can learn from each other!

As we go along during the Blog Hop week, I'll add links to my individual posts here, so feel free to bookmark this page.

Visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog for more about the 2018 5 Days of . . . Blog Hop, and to see what other Crew members will be sharing. This will be live on Thursday, April 12th.

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