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A Conservatory Tour PhotoJournal - Franklin Park

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Last week was our Summer of Kennady vacation, and it was a little different from the vacations we did with the boys the years they graduated. With the boys, the younger siblings were along for the trip, so the kids could hang out together. Since Kennady is the youngest and the boys had work obligations, she didn't have anyone close to her age to buddy with, and that made some of the vacation possibilities less appealing to her. We considered inviting one of her friends to go along with us, but the logistics of doing that were difficult. After several vacation ideas were considered, she finally decided she wanted to see conservatories and gardens, and we came up with a plan that took us out of town for a few days but allowed for a staycation and day trips for a few days too. The day trips meant that she could quite easily take friends along on those conservatory visits! Today's collection of photos will concentrate on the first conservatory in our tour, and the one that initially sparked her interest - Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio.

A few years ago we visited Franklin Park while spending Christmas with family in Ohio. My husband was somewhat familiar with it, because he used to attend trade shows in Columbus (he manages a greenhouse). We really enjoyed it - so much that when we had a couple of days to ourselves in Columbus this past Christmas, Kennady wanted to visit again. And so it was fitting that we started the Summer of Kennady Conservatory Tour with a day at Franklin Park.

I was glad we were able to visit during the Blooms & Butterflies exhibit! 

The conservatory showcases plants in several different biomes - Himalayan Mountain, Rainforest, Desert, a Pacific Island Water Garden, and a Showcase house where the Bonsai Collection is currently displayed. The Palm House was built in 1895 and inspired by the Chicago World's Fair. There's an extensive outdoor Botanical Garden and Children's Garden, but we didn't explore that much on this visit.

Desert Biome

Palm House

Once again, we loved the Chihuly Collection glass artwork on display throughout the conservatory.

We took a break to go get a bite to eat, then returned to Franklin Park for a free concert in the evening. The ProMusica Chamber Orchestra offered a Summer Music Series in the gardens, so we enjoyed a beautiful concert of Mozart pieces under the evening sky. Before the concert started, we took a little time to view the Bride's Garden and a little bit of the Botanical Gardens outdoors.

Our previous visits were during the Christmas season, so if you'd like to compare what the holiday displays look like, you can see those photos in A Franklin Park Conservatory PhotoJournal and a few more in A Columbus Christmas PhotoJournal.

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More Conservatory Tour PhotoJournals will be coming in the days ahead!

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