Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Currently - Early Summer Edition

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I'm joining Anne in Residence for her "Currently" link-up. This is only my second time joining in, but I hope to keep up with it. Anne posts five action verb prompts for the month and writers respond.


celebrating all the graduations! It's a bit more fun and inclusive to celebrate this year, as our homeschool oversight group was able to have a commencement without restrictions or masks. (Last year the commencement was outside and attendance was limited) My daughter's boyfriend and a couple of good friend graduated, and some of the moms are good friends of mine. We've attended a couple of grad parties, and have at least one more coming up. We'll also celebrate my daughter's graduation from the community college this week, although that will be a drive-thru diploma presentation and therefore rather a let-down.

collecting pricing for new flooring in our kitchen and dining room. Hopefully we'll find something we like that will be affordable in the near future.

gifting cash to all these grads! 

thinking about refocusing this blog. It's been a homeschool blog for so many years, but I'm not homeschooling any more so I'm a little uncertain about what to do next. I've started adding some of my homeschool how-to content to a homeschool specific platform, and this blog is becoming more general. I have discovered that few homeschool moms are prepared for 'retirement' from that role, and many of us feel rather lost as we make the transition. I've been looking for ways to stay connected with my homeschool mom friends as we all 'retire' and I am planning to stay connected to the homeschool community through teaching at the co-op and perhaps moving towards mentoring or consulting. 

trying to reorganize my kitchen a bit, and it's really not going well. It's looking like I'll need to devote an entire day to it in order to get much done. I decide to move extra mugs and all the glassware to the sideboard cupboard, but that means at least some of the things in that cupboard need a new home. I'd like to put all the baking sheets in this cupboard but then the canning supplies need to go over to that cupboard, which means that the small appliances in that cupboard need to go somewhere else . . . and so it goes. I'm scared to do just part of the job because who knows how long it will take before I finish!


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Joanne said...

It is such a season of transitions! I struggled for a bit with my blog too once I started veering away from that homeschooling perspective. But I also knew I didn't want to give up blogging entirely as I do enjoy the comradery and the creative outlet. Congrats to your daughter on her graduation!

Jennifer said...

Enjoy those graduation parties - and all the special graduates you know! congratulations to your daughter!!

Meditations in Motion said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her friends on their graduations - no easy task, especially in this time of the pandemic. I am sure you will figure out the new focus of your blog.

Natasha said...

I'm glad you have support as you whether the homeschool being done transition. And I also hope you get a day to organize your kitchen -- it sounds like a big job that will be great when it's done!

Anne said...

I always feel like it gets worse before it gets better with organizing... does help to have a good chunk of time. I'm gifting cash to graduates too - seems like the thing they will really want ;-) Thanks for linking up!

Kirstin said...

We are pricing flooring too for an addition we are adding to our home. So many choices. One that my hubby really likes, is more expensive but according to the flooring guy will take less time, etc to install so we'd save some money. It's always interesting when we try to figure out where to take our blogs. Mine is definitely a hobby blog and it's been a struggle to figure things out. RIght now I'm trying to just be consistent so joined some link ups to help with that, as I continue to see where I want to go with it.

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