Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Currently . . . September 1st

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Time for another "Currently" link-up with Anne in Residence. Anne posts five action verb prompts for the month and writers respond. Currently it doesn't look or feel much like the final hurrah of summer. I'm looking out my window and very heavy rainfall - the final hurrah of what was Hurricane Ida, I believe. My daughter's university class was moved to online only for today, and I'm expecting that my sons will be coming home from work early. 

beginning a new teaching job next week! I was asked to teach at one of the homeschool co-ops and although it's out of my wheelhouse in some ways, I'm going to give it a shot. I'll be teaching middle school writing and grammar this classical hybrid school two morning each week, while continuing to teach two high school writing classes at the co-op where I've been for the past few years. Classes begin next week, so it's crunch time for my preparations! I feel pretty confident about the high school classes, but I'm jumping into that middle school class at almost the last minute and will be relying very heavily on the lesson plans left by the previous instructor. Thankfully those plans are quite detailed!

ending the summer with one more little vacation trip over Labour Day weekend. We'll get to spend a couple of days with our son and his family, and I'm trying to wrap up those plans. Time with our granddaughter, attending a baseball game, and doing a few other fun things too.

loving the new look of my dining room! We just got new sliding doors put in the dining room, and then new flooring as well. I'm still putting everything back together, after moving all the furniture and changing some cupboards around, but I think it looks so much brighter and more open!

New door:

And new floor (that's not my usual dining room table!):

picking a book or two that goes with the September theme for the online book club. Because I don't have enough books on my to-read stack, apparently. *Ahem* The September theme is Apples, and if I had little ones here I would choose some cute kids' books featuring apples and come up with a little unit study or project. But I don't have little ones, so nothing much was coming to mind. I finally found a historical novel in which Johnny Appleseed is a character - I have my doubts that I'll have time to read the whole thing, but hope springs eternal! And then I did a search for books with apples on the cover and found a graphic novel retelling of a fairy tale that I thought was intriguing. Both are on order from my library.


Watch for my intro post in a couple of days, or check out my August Online Book Club post:


posting updated assignment dates and all kind of other things in Google Classroom as I prepare for co-op classes to start! And also posting the above mentioned book club articles to my blogs.


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Joanne said...

Best of luck on your teaching classes! We're having lots and lots of rain today from Ida as well.

Jennifer said...

I love your new doors. We need new sliding glass doors and those are so pretty!! Cute dining table:)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Good luck on the new job!! And congrats!

I've read Snow White: A Graphic Novel and it's really good.


Natasha said...

All the best with your new classes! I am starting a new job at a school too and there is so much to wrap my head around.

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