Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Five Minute Friday (on Wednesday) - City

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One word. Five minutes to write about it. This is the idea behind Five Minute Friday and this is today's free-writing post.

city lights
big city
city on a hill


I grew up in the city - not a big city, at least it wasn't huge at the time. We lived in a modest older neighborhood that was far enough from downtown to feel like a suburb, but it was easily accessible when we wanted to go downtown. As a teen I liked going downtown occasionally and I liked the shopping and other things that I associated with city life, but at the same time the traffic and noise and crowded feeling made me uncomfortable. I didn't want to live in the city.

When I got married, we moved around for a bit before heading to the mid-Atlantic, and once we got here it took us a little while before finding our first house. I still didn't want to live in the city. We lived in small towns or in rural areas, and the house we've lived in for about twenty years is in the country.

I'm still not comfortable being in a big city. It's fun to go shopping sometimes, and to visit the attractions of the big city but it's a place I'll visit, not a place I want to live.

Except . . . I do want to live in a city on a hill. Not my mailing address, but I want to be part of a city on a hill community, and I want to live like a city on a hill. On the high ground, on a defensible foundation, and with lights that can be seen for miles around. The light of a city on a hilltop is what Jesus mentioned:

"You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden."
~Matthew 5:14~

It's like flying at night. When you see the lights of your city and are struck by how bright the lights are and how beautiful, and it represents arriving home. Maybe you even think about how the city has grown and spread out over the years.

We become a city on a hill when we are willing to first be a city on our knees. That's another city I want to be part of. A community that knows it needs Jesus and so does everyone else. People that go to God in prayer and are willing to repent and that want revival. A city that follows King Jesus and lights up the world for him.

That's my kind of city.


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That's my kind of city too! Visiting with you from the let's have coffee link up. And I want to invite you to link up with grace and truth on Fridays at

Jerralea said...

Kym, I love your line, "We become a city on a hill when we are willing to first be a city on our knees." Yes, that is my desire too!

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