Sunday, September 5, 2021

I Spy #35

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Each week Lysha at A Camera and a Cookbook shares a set of prompts for photos. On Saturday she invites participants to share their photos in the I Spy 2021 linkup. With one exception, there's a bit of a theme to my photos this week. I've been taking photos to document our cleanup efforts after our basement was flooded this week, and managed to find something for all but one of the prompts.

- clip - You can't see them very well, but all these record covers and sleeves are clipped to a makeshift clothesline in the second floor of our garage. Kennady and Dan rigged up this system to dry out the record covers.

- dear - My original idea for this prompt was to take a photo of stationery as I did have a couple of letters I was going to write this week. Well, I haven't written them yet. But I do have this photo of a collection of paintings of Meaghan's that were just the tiniest bit damp, so they are drying out. The artwork is very dear to her, so I'm beyond relieved that none of these were damaged!

- handmade - Speaking of dear and artwork, this is a handmade gift Kennady did for Dan's birthday recently. 

- starts with d - One of many photos I have of things drying as we cleaned out the basement.

- your choice - These are some of my husband's most valued hockey cards. Again, just the tiniest bit of dampness, but they needed to be removed from the plastic sleeves and laid out to dry. I thoroughly covered the dining room table with this project in what looked like a giant game of Memory.

I hope your week was dryer than ours!

iSpy 2021 is hosted by Lysha at A Camera and a Cookbook. The idea is to challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone and do something different with your photos. Anyone can participate by taking five new photos during the week that fit the prompts. Link up during the week and have fun! 

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creationsnz said...

Oh so sorry you got flooded. What a job doing the cleanup and all those precious things wetted. A very interesting documentary of your journey though. I hope this week is better! CarolG

creationsnz said...

Forgot to say I just adore that card - art from the heart. CarolG

Joanne said...

Oh no! So sorry to hear your basement was flooded. We have had that happen before and it is NO fun at all. Glad none of the paintings were ruined and that it sounds like most things just need a good drying out.

Lysha said...

I had that idea for dear too! Thanks for linking up.

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry for your wet week. I hope everything dried out well.

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