Thursday, December 23, 2021

Share Four Somethings - December 2021

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This is the last collection of Something Loved, Something Read, Something Treasured and Something Ahead for 2021! I've often felt that I was repeating myself from month to month, so I was interested to see that our categories will be changing a little bit when we resume sharing Four Somethings in 2022. 

Something Loved

Free Local Arts and Entertainment:

We've been to a couple of concerts and recitals at our daughter's university, and after the Advent Concert my husband and I wondered why we hadn't been regular attenders of the concerts offered before this year! Obviously there were none for us to attend last year, but I mean prior to covid. Here we are about fifteen minutes away from the university, and we could have been enjoying the concerts from the fine arts department for the past twenty years or so. Well, we know better now!

Similarly, we discovered a small historical society in a nearby Catoctin Furnace and attended their Christmas market. We found it so interesting that we are considering joining the historical society ourselves.

Something Read

I've completed only one book so far in December. You can see more about my recent reading in my Monthly Bookshelf Review for November 2021 on Just A Second, or the Monthly Bookshelf Review for December 2021which will be live sometime during the last week of December.

Finished and reviewed:

The Debutante's Code by Erica Vetsch

Currently Reading:

As Death Draws Near by Anna Lee Huber
The End of the Magi by Patrick W. Carr
Atomic Habits by James Clear


Something Treasured

 A little downtime! As much as I enjoy teaching at the co-ops, I was so ready for the Christmas break. I do need to make sure I have my lesson plans ready to jump back in on the first Monday of January, and that all the papers are graded, but other than that the break from classes is welcome. And although I haven't been able to sit around and do nothing or sleep late, it was nice to not have the pressure of early mornings or keeping to the schedule.

Something Ahead

Our Christmas celebrations will be spread out a bit this year, as we'll have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day family get-togethers here, and then we'll all travel to Ohio to do Christmas at New Year's with our other son and his family. I'm so excited to see them again! I just wish we could also see my Canadian family, but the logistics are just not coming together.

We'll have to sort out the spring semester schedule before Kennady's university classes resume. The hubster and I have discussed getting another vehicle in January or February, but we'll need to see what we can afford before making a decision. Also ahead in January and beyond is getting back to work on renovating the basement.

We got a new electric fireplace and area rug for the smaller room downstairs, and have primed all the walls. We've picked out a paint color for the walls - just need to buy the paint and get that done! We also will need to offer proof to our insurance company that the needed work has been done to address the water damage from September's flooding.

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