Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Currently . . . January 5, 2022

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We kick off another year with another "Currently" link-up with Anne in Residence. Anne posts five action verb prompts for the month and writers respond. Here's what's happening in my world:


anticipating - all kinds of changes in the coming months! My husband just started searching for new employment, and we really don't know much beyond that. That might mean a move, which isn't something I want to do, and certainly not this year! But who knows? Although everything is very up in the air and uncertain right now, we are also anticipating that God has a plan and that all those moving pieces will fall into place in his timing.

 organizing - my desk, my bookshelves, my bedroom . . . Something about January puts me in the mood to get to the organizing tasks I've put off for way too long. Plus we've finished painting downstairs and are organizing those rooms, and that means moving some things from the bedroom to the basement, and some other changes. I guess getting things organized and decluttered is a very good idea in case we do need to move. 

painting finished!

reading - several books, as usual. Currently working on:

The End of the Magi by Patrick W. Carr
High-Wire Heartbreak by Anna Schmidt
Atomic Habits by James Clear 



resolving - to work on establishing positive habits (inspired by Atomic Habits) for health and exercise, and for getting and staying better organized. Also resolving to keep a good attitude about a possible move. That is probably going to be a big challenge for me. Did I mention that I do not want to move? :sigh:

scheduling - whatever doctor's appointments that we can this month, because we'll likely be changing insurance after this. I wish I could say I plan to get my knee replacement scheduled when I see my surgeon next week, but I can't schedule that until I know more about what will be happening. 


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Natasha said...

Oh, that's hard to anticipate a potential unwanted move. I pray things work out for the best and, that after this has all unfolded, you see good things come from this.

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