Tuesday, June 28, 2022

June Photo Album

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How is it the end of the month already? June went by very quickly, but I think I say that about every month. Also, it seems a little odd to start the photo album with a sunset photo, but I'm doing it anyway.

On the first weekend of June, we had a baby shower for my son and daughter-in-law. So much fun, and now we have only a few more weeks to wait!

I've been working at the nursery my husband manages, trying to learn all the things before the owners move to the mission field and we will be more or less on our own! It's a beautiful workplace, don't you think?

Meanwhile, at home . . .

Expanding the menu options for our feathered friends,

and enjoying sunsets on the porch.

And preparing for my knee surgery on the last day of the month.

Maybe somebody will keep me company and play some board games while I'm recuperating.

Possibly this cute couple?

All the "kids" were away on a lake trip for a week, so the house was pretty quiet for a change. During that week we did have a wild storm that didn't last long, but sure did leave its mark. This huge tree on a neighbor's yard was one of the casualties.

This past Saturday we finally visited the nearby Amish greenhouse that also offers barbecue chicken on Saturdays. Oh my, so delicious! 

And speaking of Amish, Kennady and I spotted these folks a couple weeks ago and it was the first time either of us could remember seeing Amish in town. Don't know if it was the same family or not, and we were curious which business they were visiting.

Looking forward to a long weekend!

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Peabea Scribbles said...

Oh my how fun. A new baby on way. Congratulations to all of you. I miss the days of babies. My last grandbaby is now in double digits and no more in future. Even the great grands are getting so grown. We go over to the Amish who have bent n dent products. So strange to shop with no lights on. Usually get some good bargains. Prayers your surgery heals quickly.

Life Images by Jill, West Australia said...

The months certainly fly by to me too. i can hardly believe it is the middle of the year already. You certainly have had a busy month and so have I. I hope you kneww surgery goes well so you can get back to the nursery! Enjoy spring, take care, and thankyou for visiing my blog last week.

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