Monday, August 8, 2022

Currently . . . August 8, 2022

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At the beginning of each month I've been participating in the "Currently" link-up with Anne in ResidenceAnne posts five action verb prompts for the month and writers respond. Not long ago, Anne shared a "Currently" post with the following prompts, but said she will be taking a break from hosting the link-up. I can understand that! I decided to write my post as usual (although later than usual!), even though I wouldn't be linking it, just because it's a good exercise in reflecting on what's going on in my little world and in writing regularly. So in an effort to practice what I teach my students, I am sitting down to write something.

Enjoying - the freedom of walking without a cane! At least a little bit. It's been about five weeks since I had a knee replacement, and I'm getting more confident in my stability and balance every day. I still take the cane with me everywhere, but if I'll be inside or on level ground and don't have a long time to be on my feet, I'm trying to do without the cane as much as possible. Limping is a hard habit to break though! I'm also getting pretty close to the targeted range of motion in my new knee, but the physical therapy is definitely hard work!

Some of the miles of walking I did last week 
were at the Dayton Airshow. I was still
using the cane at that point, but thankfully
didn't need it that much!

Having - my hair cut this week, finally! I haven't had it done since well before my surgery and it is getting too long and chaotic!

This was the first time I washed my hair
after surgery, and it's even longer and more
out of control now!

Hoping - our new granddaughter arrives safely this week! Our son and daughter-in-law are all ready for Baby's arrival and she's at that uncomfortable stage where she just wants the pregnancy to be over. I'm so excited for them, and can hardly wait my turn to cuddle that little newborn!

Picking - flooring and furniture for the office/guest room in the basement. We've been planning this for many months, but now have a deadline and are putting things into motion. We're hiring a friend to install the new flooring, and as soon as it's done we need to get a pull-out sofa to put in that room so it can be used as a guest room. We have family coming this fall so Labour Day weekend is when I need it ready!

Using - a new phone and still figuring it out! It's a newer model of the phone I had for a few years, but enough features have changed that I'm having to make some adjustments.


Anne in Residence is taking a break from hosting this as a link-up but you can still visit her blog to see her "Currently" posts. 

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Jennifer said...

Oh what fun - a litte one on the way! Will be praying all goes well and you will soon be soaking in all the newborn loveliness!!:) Hooray for walking cane free and progree made! I know that must be encouraging. I wrote a Currently post today as well - and linked it up Jen. You can grab the link on my blog, if you want to add yours there!! Hope you do! Have a great Wednesday!

Aritha V. said...

Love to read it and your last photo is so sweet.

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