Wednesday, November 30, 2022

November Photo Album

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Just popping in to share some photos from the very busy month of November!

The weather was great for most of the month, which turned out to be pretty helpful along the way.

At the very end of October, my husband accepted a job offer in Ohio, so the entire month of November has revolved around making the move happen. Or so it seemed. That meant a lot of farewells and last times doing things too.

We voted in Maryland for the last time, so now it's up to our kids that still live there.

On my last day at co-op, my Lit class students did news story presentations. So fun!

And this was after the surprise farewell lunch they did for me. 💗

A couple of my Old Guard homeschool mom friends surprise me by attending!

I loved the gift basket the co-op families gave me - a lot of restaurant gift cards, snacks, and other fun things; and with a definite Maryland theme.

I wish we had some photos taken on the Saturday even our family did our "Farewell Tour" Bonus Tracks concert at church. I've even sort of wished we'd had the concert on video, but I probably would not have liked how the recording sounded anyway, because that always seems to be the way when I hear any recording of myself! We thought we did a great job of the concert and we were so glad to have a lot of our friends show up. On Sunday morning, hubby and I left to spend about a week and a half in Ohio living at a hotel while he started the job and we looked for housing.

We decided the hotel room needed a little holiday cheer.

One amazing and wonderful thing about moving here is that we are close to our oldest son and his family! So on that initial trip we were able to get together with them a few times, and that meant spending time with our granddaughter.

We got a little tired of eating out, but we didn't have much choice.

One night we treated ourselves by attending a hockey game in Columbus, which was a lot of fun, even though our team (the visitors) lost the game.

We went back to Maryland for Thanksgiving weekend, and made sure to get as much cuddle time as possible with our baby granddaughter. She's growing so quickly and is just the sweetest thing!

We had a great time with our family on Thursday and Friday, and spent Saturday in a marathon of packing and loading our moving truck. On Sunday we went to church, and afterwards had some family pictures done by our dear friend.

Photo Credit: BK

Photo Credit: BK

Photo Credit: BK

After a quick lunch, we loaded the last couple of things onto the truck, and headed to our new townhouse in Ohio. Spencer came along to help, so we were a three car caravan driving out. When we arrived, our Columbus son Harrison came over to help unload the truck, so it went pretty quickly. The goal was just to get everything inside so we could all get some sleep! While the guys were putting the bed together, I addressed the priority for the morning by setting up a temporary coffee bar!

So the last couple days have been spent trying to figure out where things go in the townhome, and continually adding to the shopping list of all the pantry and household items we need to acquire. But as long as I'm busy, I can avoid being depressed and missing my Maryland kids too much. Who am I kidding - I miss them terribly! But keeping busy with the unpacking efforts keeps me from spending my time crying and feeling sorry for myself. 

Looking a little less chaotic every day, and it's only about three weeks until we go see our people for Christmas!

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Joanne said...

What a whirlwind of a month! I hope everything goes really well for you and your husband in Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your hubby and family. I'm in Ohio, I like it because of the weather is so mild lately compared to other years. I guess depending on where you're going. Have a smooth move. Best of luck. Great photo sharing of your goodbyes.

peabea from

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to say the first photo made me laugh a little.


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