Monday, May 23, 2011

Sports Saturday PhotoJournal

We had a busy Saturday, filled with sports-related activities.

DH and two sons went on a canoe trip with the mens group from church.  Rather than take the camera along with them (it's MY camera, after all, and I would rather it not be dropped in the creek) they just got some pictures at the site where they put in.

so that's how the guys spent their morning and early afternoon.

After lunch I took Kennady over to the ballfield for picture day.  I find it annoying that the "official" pictures for softball and baseball are never in my hands until weeks (sometimes months) after the season is over.  This makes it harder for me to remember to hand those photos out to family members.  Hopefully I'll do better with that task this year.  In the meantime, I grabbed a couple pictures with my own camera.

In the evening, we had tickets to the baseball game in town, the AAA club, and were sitting behind home plate.  The kids always take their ball gloves, of course, just in case a foul ball comes our way.  Which, by the way, has NEVER happened, although usually we sit in the general admission seats along the baselines.  At one point, while the guys were off getting something to eat, Kennady said to me that she really wished she could catch a foul ball because "that would be so cool!"  I explained that because of where we were sitting, it would have to be fouled pretty much straight up and back, and pretty high, because there's a safety net behind home plate.  But that she should pay attention and be ready, because "you never know."  Indeed.  Because the VERY NEXT PITCH was fouled up and back just like I described.  It bounced somewhere in the seating balcony above us and then dropped into our section.  Kennady stuck out her glove, as cool as you please, and snagged that ball without flinching, to the cheers of all the fans around us.  Her 15 minutes of fame for this year, I guess.  But it really was a very impressive catch.  She was thrilled, and we were so proud.  All those times she played Roofball with her brothers and the youth pastor in years past finally paid off.

This is the player to whom we owe our thanks for fouling that ball...

Unfortunately, we didn't get over the clubhouse after the game in time to get the ball autographed.  I have a couple of options to still get that done though!

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