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Homeschool Mother's Journal: In Which We Have a Few TechnicalDifficulties

In our homeschool this week... We had fewer distractions this week, for the most part, and I think we were able to get quite a bit done.  Unfortunately for this post, not much of what we did warranted my taking a picture!  I think Spencer is making more of an effort to stay current with his schoolwork now, and is keeping up well in Chemistry and History.  He has pointed out that the assignment list he has for the other subjects is out of date, and while I don't think that is a good excuse, I am going to get a fresh assignment list printed out ASAP so it's clear what is expected of him next week.

Kennady and Landon both nursed their aversion to Math this week, but at least they worked on it.   Kennady was more interested in Language Arts, because she is working on a short story with herself and two of her good friends as the main characters.

In Science, we started a unit on biomes with extreme conditions.  We learned about the tundra, and about the desert and oases.  Our composer study was rather brief this week, since I had not hunted up any additional materials on Franz Schubert, and we had some computer and internet issues that made it difficult to listen to much of his music online.  After quite a long hiatus, we were back to work in Social Studies, learning about the Celts.  I printed out some Celtic designs for the kids to color, and Kennady enjoyed that enough that she has asked for more designs.

In other news... On Tuesday the choir finished our holiday season with a concert given at the mall.   I took Kennady with me so she could watch my coat and purse while I sang, then I took her clothes and shoe shopping afterwards.  That was her Christmas shopping trip.  Spencer and Landon are both in need of shoes, so we are going to try to schedule Christmas shopping trips for them as well.

Wednesday evening was the first performance of the kids Christmas play at church.  Of course it was very cute.  And of course, Kennady was great in her part.  Second performance was this evening, and there is one more tomorrow.  So far I've had a tough time getting pictures, but I'll be sitting right near the front tomorrow so I'm hoping for something a little better.

We were rather surprised to receive a phone call that Landon's glasses were ready, less than a week after they'd been ordered! We had been told they might be up to two weeks.  So on Thursday afternoon we went to pick them up, which worked out well because Kennady was invited to a birthday party and we needed to pick out a gift.

And Friday my DH took a vacation day to just relax at home, which made our schoolday feel a little different, but I was happy that we still got a fair amount done.

My favorite thing this week was... Christmas baking! Finally got the peppernuts done, although a couple days after St Nicholas Day.  Also baked shortbread and Nanaimo bars (which aren't really baked at all...), and I plan to do more this coming week.

What's working/not working for us... for a few days this week, our computer/internet was not working.  Those were not happy days! Thankfully, DH managed to get everything back in working order on Wednesday evening, after I'd done a system restore to about three weeks earlier! We still don't know what caused the issue, but we are very happy it's working again.  And then I was going to post this early this morning, and HSB was down!

Questions/thoughts I have... I am WAY behind schedule in planning and preparing my lesson plans for spring co-op! I will have to really get in gear after the Christmas break in order to have all of that ready.

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

These pictures were taken in preparation for a review I was going to do - an electronic bug from Teacher Geek - but there were some changes to the plan so that review won't be posted on this blog.

On the Bookshelf...

  • Already Compromised by Greg Hall and Ken Ham with Britt Beemer

  • Merlin by Stephen R. Lawhead

  • Beethoven: His Life & Times by Jeremy Siepmann

  • Educating the Whole Hearted Child by Clay Clarkson with Sally Clarkson

Finished Taliesin, which I was working on last week, but I am behind with my posts on Kym's Bookcase!

A Parting Shot...

This post is linked to The Homeschool Chick - come see if anyone else had difficulties to overcome this week!

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