Friday, November 2, 2012

H is for Halloween

I'm getting behind in Blogging through the Alphabet, so I'm taking the easy way out for the letter H and posting a bunch of pictures from Halloween.  Our church held a Trunk or Treat event, and the youth had a costume party.  We were so glad we were still able to host these events, even after Hurricane Sandy! Our county was one of the very fortunate ones, where damage was far less than anticipated.

Harrison (Koolaid Man) and his girlfriend

Landon as the Swedish Chef - it's hard to tell without hearing him do the imitation!

The Swedish Chef, Mute Romney, and Duck Dynasty?

I dressed as some kind of benevolent wizard.  Just silly.  Picture by my friend Bonnie, goofy ghostly effects by me.

This was our truck all ready for Trunk and Treat!

Kennady dressed a a southern belle from the Civil War.  We had some trouble with the bonnet and couldn't get it done on time, so she decided to wear her hair loose - scandalous! LOL

Me and a friend at Trunk or Treat (picture taken by another friend)

Here are the kids dividing up the take at home after the event.

This is what they left for me? Hmmm.... Where's the chocolate?

Everyone else was on the letter I this week - I will catch up soon!

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