Wednesday, January 23, 2013

S is for... Spencer

My second son Spencer gets his own post this week.  He is one semester away from graduation, and we've already been to a couple of meetings to plan that grad ceremony.

One of the hardest jobs I have (related to the graduation) is coming up with photographs for the powerpoint presentation for the grad ceremony.  It's hard because Spencer (and Landon too, for that matter) have been very unco-operative for the past several years when it comes to me taking pictures.  It seems there aren't many to choose from, and very few where he posed!  I still need to go through some older photo albums and find snapshots from the years before I had a digital camera that haven't been scanned yet.  Here are a few of the pictures I've got so far.

Spencer with my dad in Strasburg, PA
on a field trip to a TV newsroom at about 10 years old
first day of school, probably Grade 6
baptism on September 11, 2011

final year of high school!

I wonder if he'll smile for his senior portraits, or stick with the serious expressions?

Spencer is a young man of few words, so I will try to keep this post to few words as well.  Perhaps he didn't feel like he had to talk very much because his older brother has always been extremely talkative!  From early on, Spencer has been cheerful, easy-going, and contented.  He likes drawing, comic books, and video games.  School has never been a big favorite of his, and he doesn't have any firm plans to attend college yet; but he is a diligent student and once he decides what he wants to do he will be a success.  In his quiet way, he is responsible and trustworthy.  We've often observed that he works steadily at any task he is given, follows the instructions and makes sure it is done right.  

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