Wednesday, May 1, 2013

G is for... Grading and Grad

Spencer's graduation is approaching, and I should be grading schoolwork. I have a hard time keeping grading up to date, and I guess it's because I find some of it rather cumbersome. I tend to get behind on grading English and Language Arts. I need the student book and the answer key spread out on the desk in front of me, and there's a lot of flipping back and forth. And if it's anything creative or subjective, I have to make decisions about how close it is to the correct answer. Then assign a percentage grade to it. I keep track of grades and assignments in Homeschool Tracker Plus, so that also needs to be updated. I like that part though! I have some grading rubrics to use for high school writing assignments and that has made grading those ever so much easier.

Math is so much easier to grade - the answer is either right or wrong. Grading work for my younger students doesn't weigh on me as much, because it's not for the transcript.

Anyway, that is where I am right now - buried under all the English assignments that I still need to grade. 

And I can't put it off - at least not Spencer's assignments - because the end of the semester is near and Spencer and I need to know how he's doing and what's left on the assignment list. 

The schedule of graduation celebrations begins this week with our homeschool fellowship group's Junior Senior Banquet. The students meet at a Japanese steakhouse, dressed in their finest, and enjoy dinner together. Then they go to the host family's home for a devotional and some (more casual) fun. Next week is the grad dinner sponsored by our church, and then we have a week before the commencement exercises.

Somewhere during all of that, we will be scheduling end-of-year evaluations, and keeping up with everything else on our calendar. And before Friday's Junior Senior Banquet, I need to take Spencer shopping to finish assembling his formal attire wardrobe! We've got the suit, but we need dress shoes and a proper shirt and tie. He doesn't look comfortable in the suit yet. LOL He had to model it for the grandparents when they were here, so not only was he dressed in a suit (but barefoot! LOL) but he had to allow photos, which is something he is never comfortable with.

During a previous Blogging through the Alphabet cycle, I also wrote about Graduation for the letter G. That was from the point of view of looking back at our oldest son's graduation. You can find that post here: G is for Graduation. I find that it's helpful for me to look back sometimes and remember the successes. And last time around, I shared about Spencer in S is for Spencer.

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