Saturday, May 24, 2014

Homeschool Mother's Journal: Long Weekend Edition

In our homeschool... we're able to breathe a little easier, and even sleep a little later in the mornings now, as we've finished with some subjects. English is finished for the school year, and we are taking a break from Math for a couple weeks. The kids had their last gym class a couple weeks ago, so that's off the books too. However, Kennady is busy with softball season, and both kids like to go to the church's open gym night whenever they can.

We're still working on Social Studies, but at a relaxed pace. I do hope to get it finished - or most of it, anyway - by the time final grades are due. I think that is the second week of June. I think we can pull that off without too much trouble.

Landon finished Economics, except for the final exam, which he will do on Monday or Tuesday.

So that really leaves just Science for both kids to work on. Kennady received a package from Moving Beyond the Page that will be an introduction to her Science for next year, so she has some motivation to get this year's stuff done! Landon just needs to get Biology done, period. His motivation is the fact that he won't *need* to do any more Science once he's got that Biology credit looked after.
early start on meteorology!
By the way, since Kennady finished her English awhile ago, she has been free to get started on her Literature unit from Moving  Beyond the Page (we just got started on this for a Schoolhouse Crew review coming later this summer!).

In other news... I can pretty much sum up the other news by saying we've been either at the softball fields or in front of the TV watching playoffs! There were the regularly scheduled softball games plus the ones that were rained out earlier to make up. Kennady missed one game this week because she was sick. We're all interested in the NHL playoffs (Go Habs!) and the boys keep trying to commandeer the TV so they can watch the NBA playoffs.
We had what I thought would be our final homeschool moms night out on Tuesday, and had a great turnout at the coffee shop! I had billed that as the last official meeting of the school year, but I received requests for one more in June, so I've got that on the calendar now.

One of my favorite things this week... being able to close the books on some of our subjects and start enjoying a more relaxed school schedule!

I recommend... this article on the Hewitt Homeschooling blog about what's appropriate for middle high school book reports:  Writing the Right Book Report

On my blog this week...
On the bookshelf...

  • Meet the Skeptic - Bill Foster
  • The Shadow Lamp - Stephen R Lawhead
  • Voyager - Diana Gabaldon
  • Sabrina's Man - Gilbert Morris
Finished The Pelican Bride by Beth White. Loved it, by the way. You can read more about my thoughts on it at my book blog, "Just A Second".

A parting shot... we have baby birds in the nest built behind our porch lamp. Good thing we don't usually turn that light on!

Our plans for the rest of the weekend include having friends over for a cookout on Sunday, attending the parade on Monday morning (and Landon will be marching with Civil Air Patrol), and cooking out again on Monday evening. How are you enjoying the long weekend? Leave a comment and let me know!

   For the Display of His Splendor
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