Friday, July 11, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Summer Schedule, Vacation Plans, and Selling Stuff

The Pebble Pond

Since the summer schedule for school is so laid-back, I've been sharing my weekly summary in Random 5 on Friday (a link hosted at The Pebble Pond) style.
  1. I've had a wonderful week of lesson planning. Kids are enjoying a relaxed summer pace for school.
  2. Landon is hoping to start a part-time job soon, if all goes well.
  3. A friend is letting us stay at their timeshare for our vacation! It's still over a month away, but it's something wonderful to look forward to!
  4. Last weekend I finished reading The Shadow Lamp by Stephen Lawhead, and wrote about it at my book blog, Just A Second.
  5. I'm hoping to sell (or give away!) a bunch of books this weekend. I'm going to a homeschool "trunk sale" tomorrow and hope that some of the others there will have good use for the abundance of curriculum that we have outgrown, and the hubster and I decided that this weekend is when we'll go through at least one of our bookshelves and donate as many books as possible to the church library.
I recommend... checking out the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog, because we've been busy this week! The Crew reviewed two great products this week:

WriteShop Review

And I particularly enjoyed the ideas in this week's blog carnival - Summer Reading for High School Students.
Homeschool for Free
A parting shot... Landon mowing the lawn. I think I happened to snap the picture just as he was coughing though. LOL

The Pebble Pond

For the Display of His Splendor
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