Saturday, August 23, 2014

Homeschool Weekly: Back to School 2014 Edition

In our homeschool... We did get started with school this past week, but just two subjects. Well... Kennady has two subjects - she started Cultural Geography using the Geography and Culture text from Bob Jones. It is a Grade 9 text so some of it will be a bit of a challenge for her. She will be doing parts of that text this year, along with Visits in Europe from Simply Charlotte Mason.
She also got back to work on Math. She is using Life of Fred math books. She's working in Decimals and Percents right now, and we've got the two Pre-Algebra books ready to go. My plan is to just see how far we get with them!

Oh, and she did a bit of artwork. Apparently, art now includes drawing on her hands with chalk. Never a dull moment. 
Landon jumped right back into VideoText Algebra, and that's going great. He also started working on Exploring World History from Notgrass. So while it's just two courses he is working on, the Notgrass curriculum is actually good for three credits! He is not a big fan of the fact that I am making him do a lot more of the writing assignments in Notgrass than his brothers had to do, but they had a separate composition curriculum and he doesn't. So there. :-)

This morning I went to our homeschool group's orientation meeting. Not that I really need any orientation for myself, having done this for 17 years now! But the meeting is required to comply with state law for homeschoolers, and it is a great chance to visit with so many of my homeschool friends after the summer off.

In other news... We are slowly making progress in decluttering our house, and I'm focused especially on getting my desk areas cleared out and ready for the school year.

And Kennady had her first fall softball practice. This is the first year we've got it together so she can play fall ball. She's moved up to U16, so we finally made sure to get her a fielder's face mask!

One of my favorite things this week... was my daughter doing this:

Normally, disembodied hair skeeves me just horribly, but I guess since this was healthy, beautiful hair going to a good cause that we feel connected to, it hasn't bothered me one bit to handle that ponytail!

On my blog this week...
At the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog this week, Crew members reviewed Ubersmart Math Facts and shared what their school environments are like in the Homeschool Classrooms Crew Carnival.

On my bookshelf... (visit my book blog, Just A Second, to see more)

  • A Stand At Sinai - Hope Auer
  • Michal - Jill Eileen Smith
  • The Eight - Katherine Neville
  • The Toll-Gate - Georgette Heyer

A parting shot... apparently I accidentally took this picture as my camera was sitting on the desk. I thought it was a neat viewpoint!

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Jessy Gaffen said...

LOL Great HANDiwork! (I couldn't resist.) Cati drew a tattoo on her arm the other day, in ink, black and blue. Wow! Nice going on the hair donation!

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