Friday, August 22, 2014

Random 5 on Friday: Back to School, Hair Loss, and My Wall

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It's a little late in the day, but I think I still have time for a Random 5 on Friday summary of our week.
  1. This was our first week "Back to Homeschool" and it went fairly well. The kids started on Social Studies and Math. Clearly they will need a refresher course in Alarm Clark Response because they had a lot of trouble getting up on time!
  2. Kennady and I got our hair cut this week. Mine was no big deal as it was just a trim. But she got somewhere around EIGHTEEN INCHES of hair cut off! She is donating a 15-inch ponytail to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. She loves her new "short" hair, and I'm very proud of her! (I'll post pictures tomorrow!)
  3. I know already that my biggest personal challenge during this school year will probably be time management. I hope I can stick to my resolve of keeping on top of things and not procrastinating.
  4. I'm reading several things right now including one of my favorite novels, The Eight by Katherine Neville. I just started a Georgette Heyer novel, The Toll-Gate. I've never read Heyer before - have you? So far I'm enjoying it. I blog about my reading and other random things at Just A Second if you want to check out what else in on my reading stack, or my progress on The "Summer's Flying By" Reading Challenge.
  5. I'm including my photos for the Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge in this post. The challenge for this week was to show what we have on our schoolroom walls. Well, we don't have a schoolroom so I've snapped a few photos of the walls in the rooms where we work on schoolwork - the computer desk in my room; the dining room; and the kids' rooms. Visit The Canadian Homeschooler to find out more about the Homeschool Weekly Photo Challenge.

The above pictures are the bulletin boards on either side of the computer desk and all the random things that are pinned there, including some birthday money and last year's weekly school schedule; and a fun poster that I put up in my room. Below is a picture of the dining room. I don't put school related posters or anything like that on the walls in that room, but artwork often finds its way onto the shelves and stays there on display.
This is the wall by the desk in Landon's room.
And the wall by the desk in Kennady's room.

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We started back to school on Monday and I overslept! My older girls were up working so that was nice but I cant believe I overslept. Enjoy you week next week!

Michelle said...

Hard to believe this is already my son's second week of college.
They didn't do much the first week.
He's ready to hit the books this week.

The authors listed on question #4 are new to me.

Blessings for your week.

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