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From the High School Lesson Book/Homeschool Weekly

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From the High School Lesson Book on Homeschool Weekly at Homeschool Coffee Break @

I'm not sure how or why, but this week wound up very busy and almost got away from me entirely. I had a high school lesson book post just about ready to go yesterday, but couldn't get it finished so I decided to just combine it with my Homeschool Weekly post. Just this once. I hope. Also, I didn't pick up my camera at all this week, so I don't even have pictures!

In our homeschool . . . despite all that, we got a surprising amount of work done. It's just that very little of it was Grammar and Composition, which frustrated me. On the plus side, Landon got quite a bit of History and Math done, and has been reading his next American Lit novel (as far as I know, anyway!). Kennady worked on Geography and Math, and kept plugging away at her novel. I'm learning that she doesn't read nearly as fast as I'd thought she did. I'm also learning that she probably needs a bit more supervision and accountability right now, at least for awhile. She's going through one of those "I don't feel like doing school so I'm going to move as slowly as possible" phases. Her Science book has gone missing so she hasn't been working on that either. We'll get through this. My challenge is to help her stay on task and power through these blahs, while also making sure I am on top of the grading and everything that Landon needs, because his graduation date is coming up quickly!

We're also working on:  worksheets and other resources from, which we'll be reviewing next week. And our review of The Dragon and The Raven from Heirloom Audio Adventures is coming the following week.

In other news . . . last weekend the kids were both at winter retreat with their youth group. It was a very cold weekend, so the hubster and I stayed home and near our woodstove. The kids got home Sunday afternoon and slept most of the day, because of course they hadn't got much sleep at retreat!

The cold snap continued and with a bit more snow on Monday Kennady's guitar lesson had to be cancelled. Thankfully, things improved on Tuesday and we did have gym class and Kennady had choir practice. My choir practice and Landon's Civil Air Patrol meeting were cancelled though.

The remainder of the week was nothing unusual, just busy-ness. Although Friday evening I attended a social put on by our homeschool group, for the newer members to get a chance to meet the steering committee and some of the chairpersons.

I recommend . . . exploring what's going on at the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog. This week we presented the A Day In Our Homeschool Round-up, with many Crew members sharing a glimpse of what our typical days look like. Crew members also reviewed the U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak from Home School in the Woods.

A Day in Our Homeschool

On the bookshelf . . .

Miriam: A Treasures of the Nile Novel by Mesu Andrews
White Nights and Other Stories by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Coffee Trader: A Novel by David Liss
Empty Nest: What's Next?: Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind by Michele Howe

You can find out more about what I'm reading on my book blog, Just A Second.

A parting shot . . . I put together this "then and now" collage for my post earlier this week. I especially love that first picture!

From the High School Lesson Book on Homeschool Weekly at Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Annie Kate said...

I love your comment: 'one of those "I don't feel like doing school so I'm going to move as slowly as possible" phases.' One of my kids has been in that phase for years. Sigh

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