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Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins

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Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @
The irony of a coffee cup with an ice cold Coke ad is not lost on me. Countdown is currently down to just hours until I am at the beach!

Homeschool news  . . . I have no idea what we accomplished this week, so obviously it can't have been that much. I had basically one day where I was at home for even most of the day and could have got some grading done and worked on stuff with Kennady, but I did not. Ugh. Not a stellar week, by any means. Science, history, math - those happened. I get it. It's hard to concentrate on schoolwork when the countdown to the beach weekend and summer vacation is on. It's a challenge for both of us!

Other news . . . Well, last week I mentioned the Junior Senior Banquet and our co-op open house happening on the same night. Both went well. Kennady had a wonderful time at Junior Senior, of course, and I hope she won't mind me sharing a couple of pictures. It's not like they are hers though - her friend's mom sent these to me. Check it - she is rocking a dress!

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

We had way too much going on over the weekend. Way. Including a birthday party that the hubster and I went to, and a birthday party that Kennady and Landon went to. At approximately the same time, but in opposite directions, so that took a little organizing to figure out. And we stayed a relatively short time at the party we attended, because I had to be in town for my choir concert in the evening. Sunday morning we were on worship team, then Kennady and I grabbed a quick lunch at home before heading into town for the second performance of the concert. The guys stayed home but got pizza for lunch. So no Mother's Day meal for me. I think we will go out during the Memorial Day weekend when Harrison and his family are here, and celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day all in one. So yes, I'm counting down to their arrival when I can see my sweet granddaughter and kiss her face again.

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @
obligatory mother-daughter picture for Mother's Day
This was supposed to be sort of old-fashioned and somber, but I smiled. My bad.
Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

During this week, I started doing some of the end-of-year reviews for our homeschool group, plus we had grad rehearsal and the usual long list of errands to run. Tuesday was particularly busy, as we spent pretty much all day in town. Kennady hung out with a friend all afternoon while I ran errands. To my very great surprise, my business at the MVA went super-fast, so it turned out that I had time to have a visit with a friend as well. Then Kennady and I met the boys and we all got new cellphones - which did not go super-fast. In fact, I had to send Spencer next door to the Panera to buy us some dinner while we were finishing up with the phones, and then we had quite a rush to get to grad rehearsal. Somehow we made it. And I am still figuring out my new phone.

Tonight is the grad ceremony, which really only affects me, since I am on the grad committee. And the rest of the weekend will be relax time, as we are headed to the beach with friends.

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

Funny, Flop, or Fail of the Week . . .  So last weekend, we had this situation where we were attending a surprise birthday party just south of where we live, but then Kennady was invited to another surprise party for her friend and that was about a half hour east. At about the same time. What to do. Solution - Landon went to the party with Kennady, so he could drive. And I let him take my car. Now here comes the Fail - we only have one key for that car, and when Kennady and I got home from shopping a little earlier in the day, for some strange reason I left that key in my purse instead of hanging it up like usual. So the hubster and I left in the truck to go to our party, and Landon and Kennady were planning on leaving a few minutes later to go to theirs. And then the hubster and I both had our phones blowing up with text messages and calls - "where are the RAV keys?" OOOOOOOPS.  So I found them in the purse and the hubster ran them home. Kids are waiting in the driveway and off they go as soon as they have the key. But before the hubster could leave to come back to our party, they pulled back in . . . had forgotten the gift. Haha!

On Wednesday, we got second key programmed for that car so this won't happen again. We hope.

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On my blogs last week . . .

And on my book blog, Just A Second:

Just A Second is where I share book reviews and other book-related things, and update on what's on my bookshelf. This week I finished and reviewed The Chapel Car Bride by Judith Miller, and I've been reading:

Love's Rescue by Christine Johnson

A parting shot . . . The countdown is at about zero for my Canada 150 tulips. This is the last picture I got of them, a few days ago, and now they are past their prime and overblown. Beautiful while they lasted!

Homeschool Highlights - The Countdown Begins on Homeschool Coffee Break @

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Sounds like you had a very busy week! Love all of the pictures!

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Ooohh... vacation soon, how fun! And Kennady's leggings are pretty awesome.

Annette V said...

oh....I could just picture all that racing around because of the key. :) Won't happen again I beat!

Doodle Mom said...

I love the mother's day pictures! They are so iconic on the porch with the rocking chair! Thanks for sharing a fail over at my Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails linkup.

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