Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Harrison - Halfway mark

Halfway through the first semester, that is.  We are not required to report grades for high school students each quarter, so I will not be sending grades in, but for our own interest I make a quarterly report card for Harrison along with the other kids' report cards.

Good thing I don't grade on enthusiasm, because I think only Phys.Ed. would get a top grade!  Certainly Science (at least not Biology) would be a D at best.  At least he is working on it.  Clearly not a favorite subject!  It would have been great to see him further along in Science, and also in English, but it's not bad.  Right on track in Algebra, and although we're going to see an interruption of school while on vacation, I think we'll be able to stay close to schedule  in Social Studies.  What is really frustrating right now is Photography.  I bought the course last spring and had intended for him to do it then, but that just didn't happen.  It's designed to be a semester course, but the instructor is available for a year.  So... fine... we put it on hold until Fall Semester.  In other words - he should be at least halfway through it by now.    But he's not, not quite anyway.  Here sits the camera, borrowed from a friend for the coursework - finally found new batteries and installed them, found the required type of film (had to go to a camera shop - apparently WalMart only sells 400ISO for 35mm cameras these days), and now we wait... because we need a sunny day for the first couple of shooting assignments.  Care to guess at our weather lately?  Let's just say that "sunny" could not be used to describe it at all.  *sigh*  Hopefully we'll find at least a couple sunny days between now and vacation so he can get at least the first two shooting assignments completed and off to be graded.  Fortunately, the reading and assignments themselves are not particularly time consuming, but we do need the weather to cooperate for several of them!

At the halfway point of the first semester, Harrison's grades look like this:

  • Bible (1/2 credit course) -              A

  • Social Studies (1 credit) -              B+

  • English (1 credit)                             B

  • Math (1 credit)                                  B+

  • Music (may not be for credit)         A+

  • Phys.Ed. (1/2 credit)                        A+

  • Science (1 credit)                             no grade awarded yet - because I don't know where the test is...

  • Photography (1/2 credit)                 A  (did great on the quizzes and writing assignments! LOL)


Prncsstefy said...

I'm glad that I don't have to do grades yet. I don't miss report card time. LOL Although I suppose it might be better now that I wouldn't have to do 20/30 of them.

nancysnook said...

I can't beleive I finally got into your blog~ I've had a horrible time getting into it since last week. I wanted to leave a comment then but finally gave up trying. LOL I still can't get to your profile to add you to my friends list. Anyway, thanks for coming by for a visit...again...

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